Game Informer interviews MaddCow


Hey everyone, I had an interview with Game Informer not too long after my experience with Pax East. My team and I had an interview with PC Gamer, but sadly I have not seen it. Maybe the footage got destroyed or something. However, I was featured on Game Informer. Feel free to check it out.

MaddCow’s Game Informer Interview

Also for those that wanted to know, they also have a photo of me with my (new) short hair after cutting it at Pax East for winning the tournament. The photo is in the link above. Here @SlabOMeat prepares his cutting tool of choice along with my team, Pushing Daisies that includes @PeirsPryce, @BlackAegis and @kky. We also have @DamJess and @Chloe from TRS on stage as well. (I’m mentioning them because I know they wanted to see what I looked like after they chopped it off :stuck_out_tongue: )


Awesome! Very cool. I heard the finals were epic. Sad that I missed it!


It was very awesome. I was glad to have been able to go. I wish you were there as well. I feel like I nag you so much on the boards that it would have been cool to meet you in person :slight_smile:


Very cool. Good tips for beginners as well. The straight line tip is intriguing to me. I am a very zig zag monster atm.


I feel some monsters this works well if you zig zag between sneaking and being loud, but mostly benefits Goliath and on maps like Distillery where there is a large honeycomb of possible directions. :slight_smile:


Congrats & awesome stuff, @MaddCow! I love it when sites/magazines have positive articles about this game that we love & its community members. Entertaining read & solid interview by Jeff Marchiafava of GI.


Keep it up! :thumbsup:


And which are you? @MaddCow
This is odd, why did I assume you were a normal guy that received mod status! I didn’t know you had ties to the trs team! Also I have no clue what pax is lol


Congrats! I’m gonna watch this :slight_smile:


I’m the one in the middle that is having his ponytail fixed by Jess before Robb cuts it. Chloes face is priceless. That being said, I AM a normal guy. Family man. I only got Mod status because of my activity on the forums. Pax East is like ComicCon but for Games.


Nope. youve hit celebrity status in my book ^.^ thats way cool


Heh thanks :slight_smile: The games were really good at the end to. I wish I had the raw footage so I could commentate over my games and explain why I did what I did.


that would’ve been awesome
sigh… good job though, your skills apparently broke the data files


All hail his moojesty!


Would that mean this is a ‘Moo Juice Tee’ ? :smiley:


Marry me MaddCow :ring:


But I’m already taken :stuck_out_tongue:



Whats the winnings?


Everyone on our team won one of these.

They will be custom painted. Worth about $800+.