Game improvements suggestions


Hi everyone and TRS,

I checked the game before long ago and yesterday decided to come back to the game. Also noticed the name changed to - Evolve Stage 2.

Played a little bit, was nice and interesting. But i think the is content available. I mean it is nice and fun, and cool, and a lot thing done. But i have more wishes and suggestions. That i wanna share with devs and company. Who knows maybe you guys will think about it, and release some of the best ideas of game improvements.

  1. The Monster
    Monsters are nice, but there is not so many monsters. Would be cool if there is will be a bunch of them like 20-30? This will add more interest to the game, and also more hrs of playing from ppl because they wanna experience them all.

  2. Monster skills
    Plus to this, i think --> and this is very important idea probably. Every type of monster have his own 4 unique skills/abilities. But it is only 4. What if you guys will extend this? For example lets say every type of monsters have not 4 skills, but like 10-15 or even 20, BUT in the same time you can choose only 4 skills to take and fight for the match. Then you just set up points on every skill and you good to go. What that means? That means for example hunters know that they will fight against Goliath, but they never know what to expect from this current Goliath in this current match. He for sure have his 4 skills, but from 20-30 available for Goliath.
    And this is cool because you can make marketing here too. Some of skills will be on the market available or you can open them by buying with in game currency. OR/AND some of the skills cannot be bought anywhere and only can be opened by lvling up the Goliath or the players own global lvl.
    So here we go, every monster will have their own 20-30 total skills available to craft on every match start unique monster for the match and hunters will never know what to expect exactly. This opens more and more interesting game play. And of course all of this need to be tested for balance, sure.

So what we will have then in the game about monster? Yeah bunch of monsters 10-15-20 plus evey monster will have 20-30 skills available, but only 4 can be taken to the match. You will never know what Goliath exactly you will face by abilities on current match.

  1. Store and marketing. What if you will create inventory in the game? And will let ppl to add friends and share items in game? Then you will create items like, this kind of skill effects, or skins(that you already have in game) as items too, models, etc. Like in dota evey player will be able to decorate his monster with model, skins, skill effects. Or send them to friends as items. Or sell them on in game marketplace(where per every transaction you guys can take liiiiiitle fee), or just buy them from your in game store dear TRS for real money. Like in dota, this things very similar to dota items. But all we know how dota was successful right? Maybe in this case Evolve game can become even F2P? Everyone will be happy. After this only what you will need to do then…
  2. To open on the steam workshop tools for ppl to be able to create their own models, skins, skill effects etc. The best ones by votes, you guys will add to the game on the marketplace for real money(where per every sale of item you take only 20% of money, while 80% for example let say will get the author of the item) and/or also will gift some on events or tournaments etc. You game content in this case will grow like mushrooms super fast and will have best quality by expectations from game community of player, because they voted for those items and wants in them game. Of course items will have Evolve game style in general, there is will be rules for that.

But this will be i think success. Thanks.


Making more monsters is easier said than done, balancing/design/sound effects etc.


It takes a better part of around 6-8 months to create just ONE monster. It’s even compared to the amount of Hunters there are. This would ruin the variety and overall fairness of the game.

Jesus Christ, the cost of animating all of these would be HORRENDOUS.

All of this is bad, and Evolve IS free to play.

Yeah, they wanted this, but they use a heavily modified version of Cryengine, making it literally impossible to allow modding.


I don’t want to be negative, but aren’t you asking for a bit much…?

20-30 monsters with 10-15 skills each…? Jesus, I don’t think this game will ever even reach that point of content, and I love seeing this game succeed and do well.


I’m not asking at all. This is just suggestions, just ideas. Of course they will need to think how to do this and improvements. Every opinion have right to live, do you agree? So i just shared my views. And as Rapterror said, to create monster is hard job, i know that too. Because i worked in the past on studio and created models for CG too. This is all not easy. Right now i’m working as a programmer already 10 years. From programming side it is not easy too, even if we already have much tools and code patterns and best practices.

But i think, this is good when ppl will share their views and ideas with company. That doesn’t mean i or anyone else is asking. Just suggestions. Will be good if they will be able to do some of the best ideas from all they will see here. If not, then i’m glad that they done the game like it is right now, no problem.


I agree that every opinion has a right to exist, but there’s also such things as a realistic opinion and an unrealistic one. You say you’re a programmer and you’ve done model work, then you also must realize how much effort and time goes into creating even a single monster with four abilities at the quality and standard TRS puts forth.

It’s fine to dream big, and suggest big things, but when you say ‘X amount of monsters!’ or ‘X amount of abilities!’ without a Why, a What, or a How of the devs making such things, your suggestion ends up lacking depth and politeness, and will most likely fall flat or be ignored.

If you want to make a -good- suggestion, put effort into it. Go into detail, about how you think the devs could potentially make it happen, how they could tweak it and balance it, how they could implement it and make it nice. Don’t just say ‘I think X is cool, here is why I think it is cool’. Give it thought, don’t just set an unrealistic potential bar.


From my understanding, Monster making is an expensive, very involved and time consuming process. With the recent success of Stage 2, I’m sure there will be more in the future for sure, but always remember that for even a new Variation (Meteor Goliath and Elder Kraken, for example) that already have a base template in place to work with, you still need to balance it against not only however many Hunters there are, but against the differing combinations of those Hunters.

It quickly becomes much more than a “Let’s just spit another dozen out!”, and it will take some time :smiley:

Eh, I’m fine with the four. Use those extra 20 some odd abilities to make more Monsters, imo. Like I mentioend before, every thing you add to the Monsters you’d need to balance against the Hunters. Give a Monster 20 different abilities, and you’re working a balancing nightmare (More than it already is, I mean) trying to ensure none of them become what Old Decoy used to be; a waste of points, or what Decoy today is; Overbearing when combined with that one other ability, and therfore becomes the go-to meta build noone will ever deviate from (Hell, people already do that with picks as it stands.)

You compare a 4v1 Asymmetrical FPS to a MOBA. Two completely different crowds there. DOTA was a success for its own reasons, same as COD or BF. Fret not though, iirc, 2K and TRS want to get a Marketplace up and running for community created skins and such, I imagine they are working around the Modified Crytek Engine for that though (From what I hear, it’s a bit of a…PITA to deal with in regards to that kind of thing). I am totally for cosmetic things it could offer though. Different colored domes, effects, I mean c’mon… Green-Flamed Meteor Goliath would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I swear on the thousands of Mammoth Birds I’ve murdered, if they EVER introduce a stupid “Win a Box, but buy a $2 key to open it and it’s the only way to open it!” system like DOTA and CS:GO have I will flip my sh*t. I utterly hate that system, there are so many other ways to make money off… Ah, but different topic!

To be fair, I think the game is about to hit Success once you can buy Keys for cash anyways, or at least more than Evolve Stage 1 was :stuck_out_tongue:


You sir have no idea…