Game Idea for Rescue/Evacuation


Hunters have to stop the monster before it reaches an evacuation point for civilians and kill them all.

Barriers are in place with military back up which the monster has to break through to progress through the map, giving hunters time to catch up chasing after it. (Monster starts at stage 3, still a chase not a defend)

I’m sure there could be a lot more elements to this but as a basic idea what do you think?

Does this make me a bad person thinking It would be fun eating all the people? Pardon me if there’s already something similar I haven’t sent anything like that yet.


This just seems like defense mode… except the monster still starts at stage 1? I don’t think this would work at all =\ The monster would have a limited starting area, and the hunters have free reign over him because he has to get past the barriers.


I’m not a dev, I’m sure with some planning and testing they could make it work.


But, the objective is behind a series of barriers (Defend) and the hunters have to prevent the monster from reaching said objective (Defend). Perhaps if instead the monster also gets infinite revives and the hunters just have to hold him off for a certain amount of time with stronger defenses? Not sure if this would work either.


No the hunters would have to catch the Goliath as he runs to the points (hunters start behind the monster). Not defending, still hunting.


That sounds like Rescue mode… But even harder for the monster because he has to bust through defenses.


Sorry I dont wanna just be shooting you down, but I just dont think it would work =\


I’m sure if he started at stage 3 it could be possible. After all the monsters objective is to kill the people. So ignoring the hunters to break walls is possible. There’s always a way to balance things.


Oooh I thought monster still started at stage 1. I guess this could work… But it still seems a bit similar to Defend. I think it would work best as a round 5 ending. Either Defend, or this one. (I would call it Chase) =D


Exactly! It could be a buildup to a really fun ending in a map pool. I think it could be really interesting :D.


I had an idea for an ending match. Maybe if the hunters are in the lead, the final match is an assault by the Shear colonists on a monster hive. I imagine having to bust through a couple layers of carapace, defended by minion monsters. The hunters would be asisted by colonist soldiers and tanks. Basically Defend but reversed roles…


A bit similar? I’m having trouble seeing what the difference is, other than the lack of turrets/minions. Monster beats down objective node, goes to next one, repeats until victory. Hunters have to stop that happening long enough for the timer to run out and then they win. I guess the monster starts closer to the objective point than the hunters do, but that stops being an issue once they catch up. And in Defend, the hunters can actually do something about the monster because they have the help of turrets and junk, whereas here it’s a T3 monster alternating between hitting a wall and stepping on the hunters. I just don’t see the point is what I’m saying. If we’re already thinking up different end gamemodes, why not go for something drastically different and interesting, rather than " Defend but with less elements "


I’m not sure if you’re for the idea or not :frowning: