Game glitching (Resolved)


this is what i get when i try to play evolve stage 2 today. never had this before and i even reinstalled the entire game and tweaked around with settings

Problems starting a game for the last 24 hours
Stage 2: Black Screen

Try this if it’ll work, i recently had a problem with it and it worked for me. just gotta delete all the files in a folder. Let me know if it works.

FIXED: i deleted the entire contents of C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\XXXXX\273350 as based on other issues posted. Restarted steam and everything is running fine.


that seemed to work but now my game freezes for a couple seconds when attacking and such


Play some solo games. You need to build shaders again and this is the safest way to do it. It should progressively get better.


i played some solo and at the end of the match when i won the game froze completely. so hope that ends fast as wel


Keep us updated!


will do. now my steam is being a dick with not wanting to work haha


still not able to get steam to work…


Also, try Verifying Your Game Cache for the game and see if that frees up the problem.


the problem is fixed for now. thanks people!