Game froze? Take some pictures!


So I had two frozen games this morning and I decided I may as well take some pictures! I’ll save the best for last :wink:

I title this one “I REALLY love you, Maggie.” Notice the heart shape actually is exactly a heart shape :heart:

And now “I love you so much… I’ll even eat you! …or let you stand on my face.”

“And after I eat you… this is what you’ll see.”

Now for my absolute favorite two!

“Whatchoo lookin’ at, son?”

A super close up of Behemoth’s face (with jade skin)! I never knew that his eye was on the right and the other holes in the middle was his nose!

I’ll add more when my game freezes again so stay tuned!


I’m pretty sure all the holes are eyes, I can’t imagine him having side facing eyes like a herbivore.


Love the Mammoth Bird!


It looks an awful lot like the right eye has a pupil while the middle area is a nose. Not to mention… he sniffs. He must have a nose somewhere XD


PS4 doesn’t have a screenshot ability in game?


These photos…all so epic! I’m jealous but thank you for sharing them!
I approve of this thread, 100 cookies for the OP!


It does but I didn’t think to use it XD derp. My phone does still take pretty good quality pictures though luckily.

Thanks @SledgePainter! No need to be jealous since I’m sure you’ll get in a game that freezes and you can take some shots of your own!


Once Behemoth eats your corpse, you become Val.