Game frequently crashes to dashboard after patch 1.1! (XB1)

After playing for 30min (after updating to patch 1.1) the game crashed to dashboard 4 times before, during and after game session. (XB1). Patch seems to have opened a whole new set of instability issues! Please fix soon!


What was the update even for?

Supposedly to fix things like THIS! Lol! Go figure.

Weird haven’t had a problem yet.

Out of 6 or 7 games I played with a premade group we lagged out of 2 of them and the character selection screen glitched 2 times.

This is happening to me and 3 of my friends too. We can’t finish a game. It’s almost unplayable.

Finally found a team of all 40s to fight and mine crashed aswell seems to happen for me when im monster hasnt happened with hunter yet

I had this happen once I’m sorry if it happens often for you but it seems to change depending on the person

Happening quite often hard to make through even 1 match

Only happened twice to me. @MrStrategio are the devs aware of this.

It’s crashed 3 times today so far.

Latest patch has basically made the menu a nightmare for me. Getting framerate dips and lag in the menu constantly now. Hire a QA team.

Yeah I’ve had crashes since release so this update didn’t do anything at all for the servers.

As far as I have been made aware, this issue of frequently crashing to dashboard after patch 1.1 was never observed on our end. We’ll be looking into it, but it would be appreciated if you had any further details about your particular system. Anything custom you may have done or an explanation into the process by which you installed the game or how the patch was acquired and installed. There might be something in particular that triggered this somehow. I will be sure to pass the info along.

Adding @Ancient_01 to check this.

I have a couple of recordings from last night where this happens to me? Would that be something you guys would like, to help narrow down possible causes, and if so what is the best way to get them to you guys?

Installed the game digitally and I play it like normal. Installed the update normally too. The game crashed on occasion even before the update but now it seems to be more frequent.

If you can upload a private video like on youtube and PM me the link, I can pass it along to our XB1 testers to see if they can reproduce it, or get some ideas what triggered it. Even with the video though, there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to reproduce it on our dev kits.

If there are any other specific details anyone can think of that could be unique to their systems, install process, region, hard drive swaps, etc… please share. It can be difficult to trouble shoot something we are not seeing.

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well its only happened to me twice but I have it on disc, I left it running on the multiplayer menu for like 2 hours without touching it, then it randomly made a weird sound and crashed. I think its just random which doesn’t help yall much :confused:

This happened to me 2 or 3 times before the patch, so i dont think it’s a new issue.

I am in the process of uploading the clips now and will relay all pertinent information to you when they are sent.