Game freezing


Is it just me, or are matches freezing more and more often? I remembered when the T4 stuff just got released it only happened once every ten or so matches… Now I’ve had 3 matches in a row that just froze for everyone. It seems to be getting worse, and I’m curious if I’m the only one who is experiencing this increasingly annoying bug.


What do you mean exactly? Does is freeze forever or for few seconds?


The game freezes ‘forever’, you have to leave to end the match and that counts as a loss. It only happens to me when I play Behemoth which is kind of strange. It is a known issue and is being looked into so hopefully it will be fixed soon.


I’m still having freezing issues on my Xbox One since the free maps, patch and DLC was released. Is there any known progress on this issues at all?


Does it freeze for everyone?
Sometimes my game just stops for about a minute and then continues running…most of the time this happens in menu or at the beginnning where I’m still in the dropship. And the odd thing there is that even if I’m on desktop and the game runs in the background i have these long freezes.
And Ive experienced it twice that the game freezes during a fight and everybody was still moving on their spot and I was completly free to run around. I wasnt able to reload or using my abilities but ive made some good screenshots =D This freeze lasted forever and i had to quit thru menu.


Same with me. Behemoth has been the cause of all my freezes.


I have a w/l ratio of 0.25 because of games freezing. I want to stop playing him until it is fixed but I can’t, he is too much fun. :smiley: