Game Freezing after t4 Update


I’ve had problems trying to play Evolve since the update. It takes longer for the game to launch (at least a full minute more) the game freezes while trying to launch a match (solo, can’t even imagine the problems I’d have trying to play matchmaking) , then game freezes up during character selection, some of the character models are buggy (missing heads and such), then game freezes while trying to launch the map and during the match as well.

Then there’s the problem of trying to close the the game, my pc is almost complete unresponsive even after hit ctrl alt delete, took forever for the game to close even had to hard reset a couple of times since it was taking several minutes.

Tl:dr The game is freezing terribly to the point I can’t even launch a solo match.

This all really sucks, since I love playing Evolve, and can’t play it at all since the new update and the release of t4 T-T