Game freezes at start of match


I’ve posted other videos of this same bug/gltich with Bob. This time it happened with Gorgon on Medlab, but my video capture didn’t record it for some reason. Same thing though, playing on PC. Gorgon is in start of game animation, game freezes. When it finally unfreezes I’m dead and heading to the post game stats.

This is why people leave this game. 15 mins of waiting for a match, and that’s what I get. I’m not trying to come off as toxic or attacking, just trying to make people understand. Out of all the games myself and other people have to play that don’t have game breaking bugs/glitches, this is what we choose. And that is what we get on a regular basis. Maybe I’m just a little extra touchy after news of the delay on TU9. I don’t know. Anyway, I’ll stop cause this is just supposed to be bug reporting thread.