Game freezes and crashes my playstation

I’m sure this isn’t my playstation tht keep doing this. I was playing destiny before evolve for about 6 hours and no lag no freezes, nothing.
I turn on evolve, wait 35 minutes in monster matchmaking, finally get a team and in the process of going to stage 3, my game freezes. I try to close the game, nothing. I try to shut my ps4 off and it instantly switched back to the screen evolve froze on

THUS IS THE 3rd TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED! I’m starting to get mad. I really like this game but there are SOOOOO MANY BUGS RIGHT NOW!!! ITS STARTING TO PISS ME OFF

The same kind of happens to me on Xbox One.

Occasionally for me the game will crash and close itself for some reason but never freezes my whole console unlike what you seem to be experiencing.

I’m glad someone else is experiencing this. Thanks for the reply