Game freezes A LOT since the Tier 4 came out :/ (XB1)


I really hate this. I play and suddenly mid-combat the game freezes and everyone walks on their spot. Can’t vote for restart game, waited for 15 minutes + and it just kept bugging out. Can’t do anything but quit. Please, please fix this. It’s especially frustrating when you finally found a lobby with decent players for once and try to get some good games rolling.


Make sure to list your platform and any other information you think might be helpful.


Oh right, sorry, I’m on Xbox One. I can’t make out any pattern that might cause this, unfortunately.


I’ve only had this issue once myself on X1, also no rhyme or reason to why.


Yup, this keeps happening to me as well on the old Xbone. Here is a video example:

Didn’t have these kind of problems before the T4 update, starting to get annoying.


Mine was pre-T4,forgot to mention that.


Been happening on ps4 loads mate, where everyone freezes but yourself and they just are like running on the spot.

Since the t4 hunters and patch come there’s been lots of bugs and gitches on ps4,im sick of writing them on here.

There twitter feed isn’t helpful either, it never mentions anythink but challenges for skins,no news on bug fixes or owt.


Behemoth does it to me.
Server freezes though, not me.


Same thing here, also on Xbox One

Rarely had connection errors/disconnects/freezes when the game first game out

Last few days about a third of my games are ending in freezes or disconnects
Not exaggerating


Happens on rare occasions. Must be a server-relatd issue. I have a feeling it’s server overload or something, since it mostly happens with Behemoths, but I ain’t no dev.


I am on ps4 and I am having the same problem a lot. Just when the game is getting really good it freezes and I have to quit.


Had three in a row today, figured I may as well record one for once, just in case it’s needed:

Also lawl @ the glitched out instant lava bomb recharge.


Aaaaaand I just had it five times in a row, all with Behemoth. I am really confident it’s either Lava Bomb or Tongue Grab. But this is unplayable right now, can’t even finish a single game. Ridiculous.


I am having the same freeze only with behemoth on ps4. Haven’t completed a whole game as him in a few weeks now


Ya happens a lot on Xbox one as well and yep since t4 came out for the first 3 weeks I could barely play then the last two I could play with minimal problems but then again this last weekend it got worse, it needs a fix and its completely random if it is or isn’t going to work properly