Game "freeze" mid game


So,i think it’s the steam servers but making a post just incase it’s not. So i just played Behemoth against hunters (Obviously if i’m monster) they dome me and in the middle in the fight the game just “freezes”! i can control/move the monster but not attack,when using abilities he does the animation but nothing else. Saw a simular thread of a guy experiencing the same issues on Xbone (XBox 1) well this is occuring on PC aswell it seems as i own for PC and are having a blast as usual. Then as i said above the fight just “freezes” and i can’t do squat except move around.


having the same issue on PS4


It’s believed that it’s Behemoth that’s causing it with fissure.


It is a bug and it is fissure see my post

I have a video as well of it happening


Same issue on Xbone with Behe.


So it’s just not PC then,but yeah i won’t play until they fix this. I love Evolve but this bug is just so annoying i don’t want to play till it’s fixed.


not behemoth only

same vs wraith.kraken and goliath

annoying as fuck


Really? I’ve only experienced it with behemoth. I think it has to do with fissure. Couple of times when i play as behemoth and use fissure the whole thing hung.