Game "freeze" if fighting agains monster


Since the new update on PC I (and many others) have a strange bug.
Sometimes if fighting against Behemoth in dome the game “freezes”.

That means i can walk through the dome but the time stands still and all other hunters and the monster stand still (or do what they did the last second). I can chat with all hunters and they have the same problem.
This happens 3 times in the last 2 hours. Also other players have this problem.

This bug happens before but then it said “lost connection to host” or something. But now there is no message and no “kick out” you can stay in that “freeze” forever.

Also I just saw this problem only on matches agains behemoth and when he was in a dome but most people play him today so not sure if this only happens against him.
Please, please, please fix this. @MacMan, @DamJess, @Gertz

it seems that it is not behemoth or dome relatet but in fights

Telemetry and Game Balance

Just happened for me too. Can’t find my previous post where I said this, though…


also against behemoth and in dome?


Not in dome, but against Behemoth.


thanks. changed the topicname :horse:


This has happened 3 times to me today, two were definitely behemoth, the other probably was. Twice in dome, once not in dome.


when you where not in dome, do you was in fight?


Yes, a mini-fight had broken out that was probably going to lead to a dome, I don’t know if the dome had been cast (not formed) at the point it froze or not though.


Clearly a new bug, this happened maby once or twice before and now it happens a lot.


This happened to me exactly as OP stated except I was wraith, it happened last night, and I was not domed, trapper was dead.

Additionally, I was forced to close the game client to get out of the freeze and I was unable to connect to the game servers for multiplayer for approximately 30 minutes afterward, in spite of having excellent connection to both my ISP and the PSN.

This occurred on PS4.
@MrStrategio @GentlemanSquirl


Yep, happened to me twice in a row, now. Both times right before I pounced the last hunter as Behemoth :maggie_cute:


Just experienced the same bug playing as Abe against Behemoth on Aviary. It didn’t freeze was soon as it got domed, it took a while and I was lobbing Stasis Grenades while it was happening.


Same on PS4


Jup, confirmed on pc aswell. Had it like 4 times in the last 2-3hours. As behemoth, but seems to be also other monsters, behemoth is just flavor of the month atm :smiley:

Also not dome related, had it happen with no dome in sight.


Count me in. I domed the Behemoth and this froze the entire game…


I wonder if a proc dump while the game is in this “frozen” state would be helpful to TRS? They’re pretty easy to make, but unlike a crash dump, you really don’t know where to start pulling threads… So maybe they wouldn’t be that helpful?

I’d be more than willing to forfeit a match if it bugs out, if it’d provide them with a better starting point for isolating the issue.


It happens too often. How the hell that bug gets unnoticed??


It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting Behemoth.

Just played Wraith vs all T4 except Maggie… same thing…


Yep. This is the same bug as before the patch, only now it’s far more common. I’ve had it happen 3 times in the entire time since the game launched up until patch 2.0. Now, I’ve had it happen twice just today and watched it happen to a streamer twice today as well.


aaand it happend again. as behemoth not in dome not in fight