Game freeze and other bugs


I wanna share my bugs and problems with you.
My System: Windows 7 Professional Sp1, AMD FX-6350 (6x 3,8 Ghz), 8 GB DDR3 Memory, Sapphire R9 270X (2 GB VRAM) with Catalyst 14.12. Game set to medium.

I’m always in a 2 Player Party as Member not as a party Leader. Sometimes my Mate enters a Map and I get kicked out. Thats the first very annoying bug.
Sometimes we both connect to a running match and one of us is the monster.
And almost every day I loose connection to the host and I cant reconnect until I restart Evolve.

Sometimes my game just stops for about a minute and then continues running…most of the time this happens in menu or at the beginnning where I’m still in the dropship. And the odd thing there is that even if I’m on desktop and the game runs in the background i have these long freezes. Happens about 5-6 times per hour.

And I’ve experienced it twice that the game freezes during a fight and everybody was still moving on their spot and I was completly free to run around. I wasnt able to reload or using my abilities but ive made some good screenshots =D This freeze lasted forever and i had to quit thru menu.

Thanks and
I’m from germany so my english writing skills suck =D