Game eating up 3.5gb of VRAM on Very High. Is this normal? [Solved]


I’m wondering if this is normal behavior. 3.5gb usage just seems so high when the recommended is only 2gb. I am currently getting about 40-45 average FPS; everything is set to very high w/ SMAA 1TX @1080p. My computer exceeds the recommended specs for the game and it’s really confusing me why I am having a hard time getting 60 frames, when I should be able to run this game no problem. I can run Shadows of Mordor 60fps on ultra (no 4k texture pack).

Are the recommended specs wrong? Does this game have a problem with 8-core CPU’s? Is anybody else having this problem? Heat is not an issue and CPU usage is normal. I figure if it was a CPU issue my load would be much higher but all I’m seeing is maxed out VRAM with GPU and CPU usage at around 60%.

Another issue I’ve been having is when I go to set my graphics through the Geforce Experience app it is recommending I turn all my graphics to low, which I know isn’t right, and fails to even find my graphics settings saying “Geforce Experience unable to retrieve all current settings”. Restarting the game and changing the setting fails to do anything and I am unable to optimize my game. This issue was fixed by doing a full re-install of the latest 347.52 WHQL Drivers and Geforce Experience app.

My specs: GTX 970 (3.5gb vram) ~ FX-8320 ~ 8GB ram ~ no overclock.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated! :smile:

EDIT: Any information on how much VRAM this game uses on max graphics would be very helpful. if I could get some of you to tell me what your VRAM usage on max is, that would be amazing!


Recommended =/= highest settings lol. Yes, it’s normal. For comparison Shadows of Mordor doesn’t look as good and required far more. If you’ll notice, the entire map is preloaded with no pop-in. That requires a fair bit of RAM to load.


Okay, do you have an idea of the specs needed to run this game flawlessly on ultra? Would I need to make another $600 graphics card purchase for SLI? Jeez, whoever said PC gaming was as cheap as console gaming was dead wrong.


At such level, it gets more expensive :smile:

Back on topic, SLI would probably solve it. Or just drop something - Shadows for example.


Well to run it at the same graphics level, it would indeed be cheap. My laptop runs this game fine on Med-Low. Remember Ultra/Very high nowhere close to what the consoles run it at. Those utilize AMD APU’s like what my laptop has.


Well apparently not, It’s $600 just for the GPU to run Evolve on Medium @60fps. I am spending roughly ~$200 more for 30 more frames on Evolve specifically.

EDIT: Based on what you are saying. Why would they make such a performance gap between medium/high if a $600 GPU is unable to run it past medium @60fps.


Yropro thats actually wrong. The same graphics level? high on pc is what the same as console. PC gaming will always be more expensive than console gaming. You always have to upgrade every few years you cant enjoy things. The reason why console game graphics keep improving is because the developers have 1 gpu and a set of ram to work with so they get THAT much more potential out of the hardware. While on PC new hardware comes out every year so Devs focus on the new better cards and PC gaming never gets the FULL potential out of video cards. This would explain why the beginning of a consoles graphics are crappy compared to the end of the consoles life. Devs get MORE out of the consoles hardware than any dev can with PC since everyones PC is built different.


yes and i recommend to use medium texture for all owners of gpus with 3 gb of vram. Medium setting use from 2200 to 2700 mb of vram!


I’m not going to argue PC vs Console with you. This is neither the time nor the place. The game looks fantastic regardless.

It’s a game by game basis but the majority of the time a PC will have at a minimum the same graphics for the same price.


I am not here to argue either and I respect your opinion!

What you are saying is usually true, which is why I am confused as to why I am not getting the performance I am used to. I understand this is a brand new game and they are going to have problems, but for my peace of mind I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just me having issues.

If a $500 PC (assuming I already own a monitor, speakers, mouse and keyboard) should get me the same performance as consoles, a $1500 PC should be able to max this game out no problem.


I got gigabyte radeon HD 7950 and can run the game perfectly with 60fps.Maybe dropping in fights to 45-50.I got 3GB Vram


Performance isn’t linear. It’s diminishing returns. Overall this game appears to be more optimized for low end machines, which no offense includes the consoles’ APU’s as it does my laptop. Higher end optimization will be coming. As will crossfire. Honestly it makes sense. There’s more low end machines than high, as well as high end ones have more to spare, they can still be playable even if something has the optimization of a brick.

On a side note, at 3440x1440, (2.5x the pixels of 1080) I believe, I got 50-60FPS on my 295x2 in fights. Which without crossfire, I suppose is just a 290x. Changing resolution doesn’t change my FPS much. I have 8GB VRAM available, I’ll check how much is used when I get home.


okay, thank you for your input :smile:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an update/driver that will increase my performance! I was totally not expecting this game to require such excessive hardware on max graphics with no downscaling.


If you’re on nVidia, the evolve driver came out yesterday I believe.

And for all we know the consoles could be using the exact same amount of VRAM. They have 5gb of shared RAM. And most games don’t require much RAM. So 2gb to RAM and 3gb to VRAM is quite plausible.


I did install the latest 347.52 WHQL drivers last night.

I am doing some research now and apparently a lot of people are experiencing problems with not only Evolve but many other games after installing them; the Geforce Experience app also appears to be having issues with crashing after the driver update, (which may help explain the problem I am having that I explained in my original post.)

As soon as i get back home i’m going to roll back my drivers to see if it fixes anything. Thanks again for your help!


That might be it. What clock speed? If you own an FX series I always highly recommend overclocking. Is it stock?

But it might also be the driver thing.


Uuh the GTX 970 would melt down if it goes over 3500mb ram doesn’t it?


Oh shit. I forgot that’s actually relevant. O.o


Hey don’t know if you heard, but the last .5GB of VRAM on the 970’s is worthless. Runs at a many times lower frequency that the other 3.5GB.


Yes it is stock @3.5GHz (4.0GHz turbo, although I’m not to clear on how this works). I plan to purchase an aftermarket cooler before I OC it.

I did not suspect my CPU as I do not have irregular CPU usage while in-game, but that might be because of the 8 cores. As time goes on, I am constantly kicking myself in the ass for not going Intel!


AMD is fine, they’re made for overclocking. In terms of coolers, highly highly recommend the Swiftech H240X/H220X.

This is quite probably the issue in retrospect.