Game doesn't always recognise I'm trying to climb a wall


Not sure why it hasn’t occurred to me to post this before - it’s an issue that bothers me so often.

My one serious complaint about the game is that while playing Hunter, it can struggle to recognise when I’m trying to climb a wall while out of jetpack fuel.

If I face a wall and hold down the Jump key, I should start climbing. This should happen every time - it can be crucial, both in the hunt when the Monster is slipping away and in combat when I desperately need to start climbing to escape the Monster as it focuses on me. Seconds can count.

But all too often what happens is that I make a sad little hop and nothing further happens - the game does not recognise that I’m trying to climb. I don’t catch, against the wall. This can happen 2 or 3 times in a row, and usually happens at least once every match.

It’s frustrating.


Especially bad when you need to climb up and there’s a raging Goliath on your heels.


Oh god yes, it’s horrible, especially when the monster has half a bar of health and he is looking for armor and bang, you get stuck in a wall while following him, I feel like jetpack fuel shouldn’t run out when they are climbing a wall or maybe run out a lot more slowly.


See maybe if you’d taken Cabot… :wink: I kid.


Maybe T_T
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Lel. <bbbbbbbbbbbbbb