Game desperately needs option to join game not already in progress


Right now it’s frustrating having forced to join games that are already in progress. You get forced to play a random character with random perk. For me it seems like it put’s me as a trapper 9/10 times when i join a game in progress. I just end up using the take a break option so i dont have to be forced to play something that i hate. I soon just gonna start dieing to wildlife on purpose just so i can force a restart since the devs doesn’t feel this is a necessary add the option to not join a game already in progress. I play on the pc so when i do leave a game, i just end up in the same game multiple times. Fastest option for me to get a new game is just to let the ai play and get the loss or force a restart.


If u find at least 1 other friend to play with yor chances of joining an already in progress match are drastically lowered…not sayin u gotta go find someone to play with but it would help :smiley_cat:


I look at it like a challenge though, can I still excel in this role without my preferred perk? Can I turn this game around? Usually the answer is no, as the spot I was filling was due to someone rage-ing out, but occasionally it will be an early DC and I’ll get thrown in with Bucket or I’ll get thrown in as the Kraken (my worst and least preferred Monster), and I will come back from behind to win it all.

Yeah, I agree that joining an already losing game is frustrating but that will give you a chance to get your preferred role next time and then you can really show em what you’re made of. :grinning:


Being forced to play something you dont want to play is very anti fun. if no options are added to not to join a game in progress, i’ll stay in the game but i will not participate. I’ll just let the ai take control or just suicide to a creature. If people get angry I dont care. I will not be forced to play something that i hate. The devs need to put a halt on their dlc creation and actually add something that alot of people want. Almost every other fps has a option to not join a game in progress and it’s a system that works. Evolve needs to adopt this system.


im not tryna waste my time playing something I dont wanna play. When I get the role I dont want, I quit. simple as that.


Frankly joining games in progress wouldn’t be an issue IF you could be assured that you’d be getting your preferences after the next lobby. It’s joining an in-progress game and then getting stuck as your fifth preference next game too that’s the bigger problem.

They explained a while ago in another thread that if the matchmaker puts you into an in-progress game as your least-preferred role, it’s because there was an open slot for one of your more-preferred roles and you’d start getting that next game. One partial game with a less-desired role seems fair if you know you’ll be getting your preference for the rest of that lobby. However, in practice it doesn’t seem to be working out that way.

Another argument in favor of a “blacklist” for roles as well, IMO.


This kind of attitude is not helpful though, guys, purposely making your team lose, or just quitting straightaway is frustrating and shows the ugly side of the community to other players. /:

You should try and stick it out and see if you can turn it around the next game. While I agree, I prefer one character over others in each class, none of them are “anti-fun” to me. Every character, in every class, is at least a little fun.

The only thing that is anti-fun is when the game glitches out and the bugs make you lose.


What’s not helping is the lack of options. And 9/10 times you cant turn things around when the team composition is complete shit which is made worse when you join and team and they have multiple strikes and monster has no health damage. Other games has the option to not join games in progress for a reason, so people dont get frustrated and just quit out of shier frustration.


Not trying to call you out or anything, but what other games have this feature? CoD, Battlefield, any other FPS games, I frequently got put in games that were already in progress. When I used to play them, that is.

I think developers prefer to not put this feature in because it will normally mean very long matchmaking times. This would either mean people sitting in the lobby with unfilled slots waiting, or you sitting at the searching screen while you wait for a game to finish.

I think most people would rather play a role they don’t prefer then sit and look at that spinning red circle, myself included. That’s just me though. Sorry this game is frustrating you guys so much. Please don’t give up on us. /:


“I soon just start dieing to wildlife on purpose just so i can force a restart”

Meaning you are an openly admitted griefer.


Are people ingame gonna report for griefing? oh that’s right dont even have an option to to do that or to kick if i go afk. Hackers have been running free. If nothing is done about hacker’s what are they gonna do about griefers?


All of the griefing can be avoided if people get the role they want to play and not some random role that’s shoved down the player’s throat. All up to the devs to do something.


To be fair, what should be fixed first is people getting randomly kicked/crash, then they should add a proper system to punish people who quit several times within a certain time frame, and then they can add a que that does not put you into a game in progress.

I guess some people want a que where they get what they want a 100% of the time aswell, so you might want to add that to the list, as well.

It could also be avoided if everyone just decided to act mature, because griefing is the teen’s/adult’s way to throw a tantrum.


agreed 100%, before we start getting into the extra stuff the fundamentals of the game need to be fixed. The freezing/disconnecting/ black screen you name it… and other unnecessary glitches have to stop.


I’m playing a game because i have the power of choosing what i play which makes it fun. Forcing players or anyone for that matter to do something that they dont want is gonna cause the person to be disgruntled. Whenever i play evolve i dont want to go “oh i hope i dont get a game already in progress” or “i hope i get the role i want”. And for the bugs, some of the are never going to be fixed. Some of them have been there since the beginning of the game, like bodies dropping down the map, black screen, crashes. The least the devs could do is try to improve in other aspects of the game.


Yep. Can’t play monster with my friend exept with broken bots, forced to join random hunters or matches starting empty. GG stopped playing it 2 days after purchase. Worst purchase of my life.


Good Idea  


Could we ALSO have an option so the game does not start by itself when there’s only 2 people in it PLEASE? I prefer not to play that play only me and my friends vs a bot monster.
It forces us to quit and rejoin non-stop.



This game desperately needs updates more often and bugs being fixed above anything else, i don’t want new content of everything is stupid and broken