Game Crashing to desktop


so I’ve just registered to this site to report this problem, which is giving me some sort of terrible time…

First off, I was playing nice and fun games…was in middle of match and whola, I’m on my desktop. It felt like a crash, but without any errors?
I just got dropped to desktop from Evolve without any reason. This happened by playing quick match. I was already playing for about 30 minutes and later on it just happened.

My system:

i5 4690k @ stock settings
Asus STRIX GTX 970 OC @ stock settings
8GB’s of system memory
Windows 10 64b
All drivers are up to date!

Looking forward for any help!

EDIT: Added OS version, other information.


If you haven’t tried it yet, please try Steam’s Verify Integrity of Game Cache, in case some data files are corrupted.

If that doesn’t help, do you remember what was happening during each crash?


Thank you for your reply!

I’ve already tried to verify my game’s cache (integrity), unfortunately without any success.

This random drop to desktop happened while I was playing random matches (quick match). Was playing for about 30 minutes, then map changed and played for about 10 minutes there and I was suddenly dropped to desktop without any error report.

I’ve searched this forum and steam’s forum, but still didn’t found any successful tip, which would be answer to my problem.

Best regards,


When it happens is it always when a new map loads?


I’ve tried to play this game today and didn’t experienced any symptoms of this crash! I successfully finished my first match and proceeded to second one and I even managed to finish second match too. After successfully finishing my second match, I exited my game.

Yesterday, I played my first match and in the middle of second match I had immediate crash to desktop without any error report.

What’s changed? Did I tweak anything?

Answer is Yes! I did tweak!

Since I’m using an GTX card, I used Nvidia’s GeForce experience panel and opened ‘‘Game’s’’ tab and found my game (Evolve) and clicked on optimize! Since then, I haven’t had any crash! (Although, I only played for about hour).

Also,I would like to add:

I’m playing this fabulous game through steam and steam overlay is usually enabled, when you’re inside of any game, which uses steam. By playing this game, I encountered another problem, which is pretty much annoying!
It’s just impossible to check map, while I’m playing a match! Usually, to open steam overlay, you must HOLD, I repeat HOLD [SHIFT]+[TAB] and then it opens! In this game, I don’t even need to hold it…whenever I press [SHIFT] and…well let’s say after about 10 or doesn’t matter how much seconds later I press [TAB], steam overlay opens. It’s really annoying!
Would like to add one more thing! Also, when I’m in lobby, pressing [SHIFT]+[TAB] it opens steam’s overlay and also open’s current player’s tab in game. Should it be like that? My guess would be NO!

Look forward to answers and help and probably fixing steam’s overlay’s problem, because it shouldn’t work like that, how it’s working right now! This is my first game on steam’s library, in which I’ve seen this problem! I may not be any Pro or whatever player, I do play when I have time in my life, but If this steam’s overlay could be fixed, I can guarantee I would enjoy even more this game!
Although, game is fabulous, it’s unique and it’s great to see, that it’s on sale on steam, because PC’s player base isn’t so big at this very moment!

Best regards,

*I hope I wrote everything clearly as possible! If anyone of you have any questions or anything else about this game or problems I’m experiencing, I’ll be more than welcome to provide you with it!


This has happened to me twice in the last two days. Once was mid game and counted as a loss :frowning:
My W/L ratio noooooooooooooooo