Game Crashing to Dashboard (Original Title: New game mode?)


So I’m yea. It appears there’s a new game mode, it pulls me from my current game/match and throws me in this one. Ironically it looks exactly like my dashboard, this is quite frequent lately, and is getting quite frustrating. (And yes this is about my game crashing, and yes I made the title to troll a lil bit… Mwahahahah, that is all.) - is there anything being done about this?

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Main Menu Multiplayer CTD (Crash to Desktop)

I assume by the use of the word dashboard that you are on X1. Any other information you have would be helpful to the QA team.


No other info, just playing in lobbies and I get booted to the main menu - “[12]” - or the game just crashes.


I’ve had the same issue. Every 5th or 6th game I get booted to dashboard as well. It doesn’t freeze or anything, it just closes.


yuuup just happened to me crashed about o iunno 3 seconds before I was going to kill the kraken


He may be an XBONE user, but the crashing to dashboard/homescreen bug has been plaguing me and other PS4 users since the Bob Patch as well.

I made a topic about this a month ago. :tongue:

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Also, the PS4 client will occasionally crash to homescreen under other conditions than those described in my earlier post, but the listed conditions are repro’d for sure.

Also had a screen freeze match crash while attempting to grind bucket challange on at least 3 matches this weekend.

Beginning to loose patience with the buggy state of the game after the Bob Patch as a consumer. Bug report forum topic list grows every day… :angry:

And while we’re on this subject:

Not only can we frequently not complete matches online, but if we convince ourselves as customers that some DLC is worth the additional expense, it might not even be available for purchase online because the planets aligned today and more bugs appeared in this game, or its online store.


I’m just a forum member so unfortunately I can’t do anything for you. But I know that Jess combs the bug section and reports them to the QA team. So keep posting them with as much information as possible.


Indeed, I know.

Just linking that related post because no new info has been shared with the community about fixing the game client crashing and here is another community member still encountering this issue today, a month later, as am I.


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Hopefully with the next TU we’ll see these issues remedied.


I really dislike feeling so openly dissatisfied with a game I enjoy and a dev team that seems so open and earnest with their communication…

I hope that all (within reason) is fixed witth the next TU as well. But the fact remains: these issues have largely driven me away from the game until such time comes to pass.

I log on for the community challenges, but the unstable and frustrating experience is actually the reason why I sought out another game to enjoy in my limited free time (landed on Bloodborne, such awesome!) and will likely continue to seek alternative experiences until a little birdie tells me that Evolve is no longer broken in myriad ways.



This is STILL happening. There an eta for when this will be fixed?


From the description above of the pattern of crashes on XB1 every 5 or 6 games, I suspect it is running out of memory. If that’s what it is, then I can say we are focusing intensely on it. I’ve worked on almost nothing else for a couple weeks now, and I’m not the only one working on it. I fixed several rather large memory leaks, so that should help. We’re still working on this from a couple of different angles.

As a temporary workaround, when you’re done playing for the day, go to the dashboard and explicitly Quit the game using the start button menu. This may help stave off the crashes.