Game Crashing (think its my PC and need to get some info on how to fix)


Okay so every time I now join a game I am crashing after about 30 seconds of being in and left with this error message:

Initially I thought it was my hard drive not having enough space as I have a lot of saved clips/videos even though it had what I thought to be plenty. So I have removed a lot of things to free my memory up but still crashing and getting the message. Can anyone suggest what to do?


Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game?


I have not but that would be something I would do over night as my internet is garbage. Can’t pull it off very quickly.


Perhaps memory leaks. Have any programs running in the background? Like chrome perhaps?


What Lord said might also be the problem. Maybe something eating up your RAM?


Yes I do normally have chrome open but I will close it although it has never been an issue till now.


I’d start with a full reboot, then try to load evolve before anything else.

If it crashes, check to see what processes are eating your memory (RAM).


Try to verify your game files first before reinstalling the game:

It should check for any corrupted game file and then fix it by re-downloading the uncorrupted version.


you never even called me :frowning:

But alas, check the steps above.

What are you system specs Grizzle? Did one of your RAM chips die?


Thanks everyone but it seems to have sorted itself out for the mean time. I will try alot of these methods if it comes up again which it likely will.

EDIT- Okay never mind I just jinxed myself and happened instantly after WOW.


Do you have 16 Gigs of ram by chance?


Umm. Ill have to have a rummage through my files but not sure what that could be.


If you have 16 GB that means that something BIG is taking up the memory of your computer…


It sounds like it might me a ram issue. If you are comfortable with it, I would recommend swapping the slots your ram is in to see if that makes a difference. For instance, if you have 2 8 gig sticks in Slots 1 & 3, Move them to 2 & 4. Try running it and see if that makes a difference. If you still get the issue it ‘might’ be a ram stick issue. Try swapping the RAM slots first and give that a go.

Just remember to unplug and ground before touching anything :slight_smile:


Thanks Cow Ill give it a go






Baa-ram-ewe is actually how you pronounce my last name! Haha.

You done the thing yet Grizzle my Shizzle?


Okay might need some advice as I feel like something has cocked up. I got round to moving the ram like you suggested and my PC turns on fine but I had no signal to my monitor, keyboard or mouse. So I switched it back and the same issue is apparent. Really hope I haven’t done anything I did look up that it may be down to the ram not being fitted correctly but I have double checked and it is in there securely. Any suggestions?