Game crashing on startup

Hello, sorry for another post, but one of my friends is having trouble opening Evolve. [Legacy]. When he opens the game, it says running, then syncing, then it closes. It doesn’t even open or show the game anywhere. Can anybody let me know why this happens or suggest a fix? Thanks.

What has he/she tried already?

Verifying Integrity of Game Cache, restarting Steam, re-installing Evolve, unblocking it on antivirus. Those are all the things he has tried (I think).

Hoo boy… Ummm the best thing I can suggest is trying to see if any of these fixes help. :confused:

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Thanks buddy, I’ll hava a look.

Good luck!

Also, love the username. :+1:

You might not want to hear this but,

Switch to evolve stage 2, make sure it loads, then reinstall legacy… that solution worked for me.

But then I went back to Stage 2… after discovering there was NIL playerbase in legacy

Thanks, I’ll get him to try it. Also thanks TheMountainThatRoars :slight_smile: