Game Crashing After Intro



Evolve crashes my computer when i launch the game. No blue screen or anything like that. It freezes and restarts. I’m not sure on what all information you need, but here are my specs

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Processor: AMD FX-6100 6 core 3.3ghz
GPU: GeForce 750Ti
Memory: 2x4gb


just an innocent bump for awareness


Our QA and engine team after out of office until tomorrow. @MrStrategio do we have instructions handy on how this fine gentlemen can give us logs to figure out his crash?


Did you do the normal stuff like verify the steam cache?


I am verifying now. Ill update after it is done. Wow Gentleman came in to answer me. Im honored sir


So, after verifying my game cache. It still freezes then restarts right after the TRS and 2k logos.


I had that happen in a different game that I was playing and it was fixed after installing a direct x update.

Have you ever run Evolve on this machine before? Video drivers up to date?


Never ran on this machine before. Checking drivers.


drivers are now updated and so is everything else. still freezes then crashes at the same spot.


@ArPharazon you got anything?


Not at the moment. Think I need a crash dump. Look in folder EvolveGame for error.dmp. I’ll PM you in a minute.

Edit: you can also create a plain ASCII text file in that same location named user.cfg. Inside, put:

log_enabled 1

Run, crash, look in the same folder for Game.log. Post the contents here.

Probably won’t help, but I won’t be able to look at the dump until tomorrow. :slight_smile:


okay ill get right on that. thank you for your help. didnt expect so much at this time of night.