Game crashes xb1


Not just random crashes. It boots me back to home screen and closes itself every time I press a to sign in.


Hard reseting the Xbox fixed it.

Edit: I lied. After restarting, it loaded fine but it said I didn’t own behemoth. Which I double checked. Its in my downloads. So I restarted again. And now it crashes at sign in again -.-


Tagging @Ancient_01 as he is much more knowledgeable about Xbox than I am.


So you can’t get past the title screen? Is this every time now? What did you do before it started doing this?

I would suggest trying to delete your local save only and then reboot the game so you download the save from the cloud on the press start screen. Maybe something locally got corrupted and ruined the file. Let me know if that fixes it. If not then I will have to think about what could have caused it to be completely hosed like your mentioning.


Got er fixed by restarting again thx