Game crashes/too long to find hunters

So ever since the newest patches my search has been waaaaay too long to where I kinda don’t want to play anymore. I would like to be able to get on and play. Not wait 20 minutes to find hunters. For example, right now I’ve been playing since 530 pm mst and in that time I played ONE match that only lasted 12 minutes (it is 632pm as of writing this); the rest of the time has been waiting.

ALSO…my game has been crashing A LOT more since the patches. My most recent one I found a game and it was loading to character screen and POOF my game crashes sending me back to the home screen to where I will now have to search…again. I can handle the wait sometimes, but to have my game crash more. Why? I reset my cache like every other day and don’t have anything else running.

Ps. I’m on xbone and I am Bronze Destroyer

20 minutes?
I’ve waited 3 hours.

Wow. I would def not wait that long :\

Yeah it’s a common thing on PS4 too!!

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i had nothing else to do

Anyone have ideas why my game has been crashing lately? It’s causing me to lose points since I can’t get back in the game