Game crashes on loadup of the map [solved]


When I load into a game my game crashes immediately. Its completely fine in the main menu but not when I get into a match.

i’ve verifyed the game cache in steam, unistalled and restalled it, and restarted my computer. I’d did play evolve before it went stage 2. any Ideas?


Any error when the game crashes?


there are no errors when it crashes


Then the game tries to do something that your PC can’t handle.Btw can you get into bot maps or custom games your self?

Or it only happens when going online?


It happends when I load in to a map on both on or offline play.


Hmmmm can you try play the game with everything closed (v-sync, AAA) and everything else set to low?Set the resolution to the minimum which should be 640x480. When you put all the options like that try entering a game offline and tell me what happens


it still immediately crashed I had no problems running it before it went to stage 2 though.


Sorry that’s all i had.Prolly has something to do with the new files.

My last advice would be to try changing to an older GPU driver and try again but that takes some effort.Dunno wait for someone else to help you


alright thank you so much though.


Tagging @ArPharazon, he has been very helpful with things like this lately.


How would I do that? :slight_smile:


First try verifying the game cache.
Then make sure drivers are up to date.

If all that fails, you can try to roll back drivers but I am not sure what kind of effect that will have.


Please try Verify Integrity one last time. If it doesn’t fix any files, go on to the next paragraph.

Run the game to the point where it crashes. Wait a moment after the window closes. Go to your Steam Library, right click on Evolve, Properties, Local files tab, and click “Browse Local Files…”.

Hopefully you’ll see error.dmp, Game.log, and kandoC.log. Zip these up, then let’s talk by PM.


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We think your game has got a corrupted shader in your local shader cache. Can’t tell which one though, so I want to delete them all. Don’t have your game running while you do this.

We want to find your local shader cache. It will be in your Steam install folder, not necessarily where Evolve is installed. On my system, the path is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\xxxxxxxx\273350\local\USER

The part I’ve redacted with “xxxxxxxx” is my Steam user ID. Hopefully it will be easy to figure out what it is on your account. Open that folder.

There should be a folder named Shaders. Delete it.

Run the game, see what happens.


Okay just did that, whats next?


See if you can play! Try a Solo game or a tutorial, rather than Multiplayer. In case it crashes again.


Its working thank you guys so much for helping me!!! :smile: