Game crashes frequently

Over the past days, the game usually crashes 1 time a day, in the middle of a game, which is frustrating.

Today it crashed 3 times in the middle of 3 different games. 2 normal crashes, without explanation, and the last one was me getting disconnected in the middle of a game and I saw the message “an error has ocurred, check your internet connection” but there is nothing wrong with my internet connection!

I play on Xbox One.

Even worse than the crashes, which are already bad enough, is that when my game crashes and then I try to play again I get a penalty for quitting a game. What??? That is so unfair. I didn’t quit the game, it crashed. Not my fault. So the game punishes even more because of its bugs which are already frustrating enough.

Please help.

Yeah, they are still pretty common. Unfortunately, in order for them to fix a lot of the bugs, we have to report very specifically what was going on before the crash and hope that they can reproduce those conditions. I don’t think very many people want to do this because of how frequently it happens.

I believe a lot of these are hard to find/fix. They have been happening since launch. You kind of just get used to it :confused: We all love the game its just one of those things.

It specifically happens whilest playing Evolve, at any random time, whenever they feel like happening. :stuck_out_tongue:

Evolve DCs are honey badgers, they just don’t care.

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@billabong5511 and @Ornual I’ve noticed I’m not the only one experiencing constant crashes and so many other bugs.

How can this be? Are Turtle Rock amateurs, or professionals? Other big games out there from big companies like EA, Microsoft, etc. never crash, don’t have bugs or just small bugs and very few… They are quality products.

I had a Xbox 360 for years, now a Xbox One. On Xbox games never crash, they are stable. That’s one of the many reasons why Xbox is better than PC for games. I thought games crashing and freezing was a thing of the past, a thing of PC games, not Xbox. And now this, Evolve, crashing like PC games. Where is the usual Xbox reliability?

So how come Evolve has so many bugs? Turtle Rock don’t have a quality department? All their good programmers left the company before the game was released? They don’t have enough staff? They don’t have enough programmers? How do other companies get it right but Turtle Rock doesn’t?

They don’t care about their fans, us? That’s the thanks we get for the loyalty? For being dedicated, loyal, helpful, patient with so many bugs in a finished product, etc.? They just care about making money? Wow…

I believe a lot of these are hard to find/fix. They have been happening since launch. You kind of just get used to it confused We all love the game its just one of those things.

I get what you say. But we can’t get used to the bugs, we can’t give them an excuse and say everything is all right with the bugs and we’ve learned to live with the bugs. It’s not all right. We’ve payed for a finished product, we expect it to work right, not crash all the time like this and so many other bugs. Then tell me Bill, how do other companies get ir right and release games that don’t crash? While Turtle Rock can’t achieve that stable state? Is that so hard to do for a professional gaming company? They need to hire the quality department from other sucessful companies who got it right? Whatever it takes, they should work hard for it and apreciate their fans. This is not how you treat loyal fans and a big community.

I can assure you that they do work hard and they are in fact professionals and do care about their community (arguably significantly) more than many other developers do. You are entitled to your opinion as a consumer which is what makes capitalism great great imo. TRS is a smaller developer and we all knew this going into buying the game. They don’t have the resources that say EA or Microsoft have but I can assure you that other games are not as perfect as you are painting them.

That being said, one thing you do have control over and the only way you can hold a company accountable is how you spend your money and to a certain extent social media. You can refuse to buy DLC. You can refuse to buy future TRS releases. You can’t however try to guilt/bully them into working around the clock to fix bugs. We don’t have that type of power as consumers. Money dictates what companies do and it always will.

So, you can enjoy the game as it is and try to get what value you can out of the game in its current state, you could take a break from the game and come back and see if things are better or you could stop playing all together. What you do with your time is completely up to you and you can hold TRS accountable however you feel. While your opinions may be popular among certain groups, we can’t force TRS to do anything at all.

I choose to keep playing the game because I genuinely enjoy it and I believe in their vision of the game. I do think they will get things figured out but I can be patient. No other game has given me the adrenaline rush that this game has.

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