Game crash to desktop a lot


3 days about 15~20 times!
broken my 15 wins records!

i start the game and crash without any sign.

here is video:


An upcoming patch (may hit in a few days) has a fix for a crash which might be the one you’re getting. To know whether it’s the same one, we’d need to see a crash dump.


where can i find the evolve crash dump file?


This file?

E:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\EvolveGame\error.dmp

it’s 24.4 MB (25,624,871)

i don’t know how to open it


Yes. I’ll PM you.


Not the crash it sounded like. This is new (at least, to me). I’m forwarding it to programmers more familiar with the code that crashed.


Just in case, please do a Verify Integrity.


@Lavigkaye, on our end this looks like it should be a very frequent crash!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make sure you are running on PC with the Chinese language selected in your language bar.
  2. Run the game with the text language set to Traditional or Simplified Chinese.
  3. Once you load into the main menu, attempt to type any Chinese characters and it should immediately crash.

Does the crash happen to you this easily?

We have a fix, but it is too late for it to go out to users this week.


i had the game verify integrity after that i try what you tell me and crash immediately.
then i try to change to english language and do that again still crash immediately.


Ouch. That’s pretty awful. This could be crashing people all over Asia. :frowning:

I wish the fix could go out this week! :tired_face:

Thanks for testing it for us!

I guess in the meantime, all you can do is be very careful to only hit keys that are game controls. Don’t hit any keys by accident that would open the IME.


ok. i’ll wait.

and one things when player use Backspace is only delete one character and cant not hold the backspace to delete it all.


That should be fixed in the next release. I fixed a lot of issues with the chat window repeat rate being extremely slow with certain keys.


New BIG Problem! I just notice today My Main LV exp didn’t increase! stuck in the 23lv

here some prove:
first 81 WIN

and i play one more round and win it

and nothing!

other things,

why the colour is lock? it’s any reason or just bug?


That is a known issue. Just keep on playing and it should sort itself out!


i play 10 more round on today and nothing change…it’s stop add exp or something?


According to reports, we raised the bar for each player level, and your level won’t go up until you reach the new figure… Whatever that is.


ok, thanks!

what about the colour thing?


currently you can unlock colors and badges when you progress your account and characters!


oh. it’s new design?


Yes but we might change it or improve it at some point based on feedback. Unknown at this point.