Game codes


Hey guys i was wondering when gamestop would be sending out their codes, and i was also wondering if there is any way to pre-lode the game before the launch. One more thing is there any way to get free codes legaly that i could give to my bros or like if someone had extra and they shared i would appreciate that


Gamestop is giving out codes around midnight. I’m still waiting for mine.

You can’t get codes for free, unless your friend gives it to you or something.


Also, yes, you can pre-load the game before launch


Gamestop isn’t letting us pre-load. We need the code to start the download, which is midnight PST.


Woot, seriously? That sucks man. Thanks for the correction though.


And right as I posted the midnight release, Gamestop gives me the access code.



k i will look for my code i guess what time zone do you live in


I’m in PST. The codes are America-wide. Just go to your order history and click on the product number above the Evolve pre-order. You will see a code.

@Plaff destroy


okay thanks