Game closes


… ugh…

CPU: i7 4770k
GPU: Titan X
Ram: 16 GB
PSU: 850W
Windows 8.1 64bit
all update, current drivers.

I had no issues, until the newest update 2.0
Since then though, i had a parade of freezes and errors that are annoying me more and more.
From this:

and “DEVICE_HUNG error” to a new one, that just closes the game for me, no indication no error just back to Windows. Don’t know what else can i say…but let me make things clear. I am not happy.
TRS, what do you want me to provide to you, so you can have a look at this?

Patience is a virtue, but time is a commodity.


not expecting any help in this, but i have decided, that any time i get an error, i will post in here… because this is getting annoying.



HAHHAHA, no way, it just happened the moment i posted this… oh well, it’s a crash so another one…


3rd in a row…


the video, that “proves” i’m not making thins up… so, expect more of it to come, because i’m not going to “let it go”.

Ask for 2k support you say?

APRIL 1ST! maybe they thought that i was joking? dunno… it’s been 7 days since i contacted them about it… :expressionless:


GDI is putting an end to your evil monster schemes once and for all…

This is a known bug, and we share your frustration. I didn’t really notice anything that could be used as an identifier or trigger for the freeze however… did any of your crashes have anything in common except for being behemoth.


Today’s first freeze was with Slim, Sunny (me), Torvald and Crow vs Goliath, no Behemoth. Map Aviary, stage 1 fight in dome… 2nd and 3rd error was while loading the game.


rebooted my system, turned steam, turned Evolve, Evolve force closed itself and i went back to desktop.

Immediately after started the game again, went smoothly for 2 matches. I quit the game.


You can try checking your integrity using the steam feature… Might be something wrong there.


played coupe of days ago about 3 matches, they went through fine.
again played yesterday, few matches, went through well as well.
Played today for about 3 hours, and just now experienced 3 errors in a row.
First one, i was VAL, there was a Sunny, Abe and Torvald vs Behemoth.
game froze, DXGI error…
resterted the game - it froze on 2k Logo
restarted the friends game and i was Goliath, right afrer spawn (dropship just dropped hunters) - had 27 FPS, game crashed.

Checked integrity, it was all OK.
2k support just replied with same message…


Funny. Exactly what we suggested you to do. I assume you replied and said it didn’t resolve the issue and has been inconsistently bothering you for days?

If they have an actual fix. Please let us know :slight_smile:


hehe, gave myself 2 weeks off, played GTA V, came back for Hyde vs Wraith challenge. Turned the game on, game loaded, chose multiplayer, skirmish, chose monster as preferred character, started search - game went to Windows.

Rebooted, turned on Steam first, waited until everything loaded, started Evolve. Same procedure, except for choosing monster as my no1 pick, it was already there; searched - game went back to Windows… Started Evolve again, same steps - monster my main pick, searched;

[not bug related]
joined mid game as Cabot vs Wraith stage 1 in dome fight (support was 2nd pick for me though) . Killed her in next 20 sec, we won. I didn’t leave the lobby but only one other person stayed. Game didn’t go to the “character” screen, instead it searched for new lobby and i got in another mid game, this time as a pokeball master - Abe. At least the game has just begun, so not a biggie. Sunny helped me dome just staged up Kraken. With Hyde, it took 3 domes to kill the bastard but it was fun… saying GG, I left the game…

[customer support from 2k]
BTW, i did get a reply from them, giving me the link to a fix that was not for my version of Windows…