Game closes at Match start



I had this happen twice now (in one day). After I get in the Game, find a Lobby, select my Monster etc. and then after the Loading Screen, the Game just closes. No warning, no crash report no nothing. After that I can just start the Game again and Play like nothing happened. But it takes more time and is especially annoying when I’m on a win streak. So please fix this and you might want to consider a rejoin option for this in the meantime, so the bot can play for the first minute or so and you can jump back in to have a chance at saving your winstreak.


There is a crash by that description on the books, and a fix for it should be in the next patch. After that, if it still happens, it’s something else and we’ll deal with that.

Meanwhile please run a Verify Integrity just in case. Probably not going to fix this, but always a good idea anyway.