Game changing suggestions (HUMOUR)


I think there should be more information on the UI. Add numbers everywhere. Timers, a clock telling me the real time and the in-game fictional time, a constant match timer of how long is left, and numbers to represent HP so I can tell EXACTLY how many HP I have left… the difference between 54 and 52HP is VITAL, in alpha the number of times I died after telling someone I THINK I have 30% left and they chose to heal someone who thought they had 26% left… Man, something needs to be done. Also, numbers should pop up when I shoot things (Borderlands style). There should be icons telling me exactly where the monster is, which direction, and when I start moving towards it, there should be a timer telling me how long I will get to the monster at my current speed.

Also, some hunters have abilities that affect other hunters. I propose we remove all abilities and just leave them with guns, to be on the safe side. Actually, I also think that losing is unfair on me, as it unbalances my stats. But winning is unfair for other players, as it gives them a feeling of superiority over me. Therefore I suggest we MUST remove winning and losing. Keep the game the same but, no matter who wins, just declare each game a draw.

Whilst we’re discussing game modes, I feel some don’t scream ‘competitive’ in the way they should. Add loading screen tips that read “This mode IS competitive” to every mode. Perhaps a watermark across the screen that reads the same, too? Maybe when a hunter dies, instead of viewing what his teammates are doing, they view a blank screen with those words in the middle as a reminder.

Most people don’t care about XP, so just start everyone on max XP and give an achievement for starting the game (some people care about those, after all). Remove all of the perks, and let people play all ranks of hunter from the start. If the mechanics take time to learn, people will just teach themselves whilst being confused and will in no way stop playing. Oh, and Battlefield can handle like 64 players, so Evolve is probably okay for that too, and balanced for it too I guess, no reason to think it’s not. Therefore we should have a 48 vs 12 mode at the very least.

Having to pay for DLC is kind of annoying, so I propose that TRS just give us everything for free for the foreseeable future. They should continue supporting the game, making new monsters, hunters and maps, and it should all be free. We pay for the game, after all, so why shouldn’t we be rewarded with endless free content?

All in the name of fun… but really, some people’s suggestions aren’t too far off :wink:
We just need something to keep up busy until release! Oh, for a PC beta…


Sounds reasonable.


Maybe. I’m going to argue these points despite what other people say to me. You can go and give me reasonable, logical arguments, maybe even quote the devs or have the devs themselves come and explain why they spent months coming to certain conclusions, but I’m CERTAIN that my armchair developer gut instincts are correct and no-one’s going to change my mind.

I’d also like to redouble my suggestion for more numbers on the UI. If it doesn’t look like I’m in the Matrix, I don’t feel like I have enough information. Numbers are everything.


You have heard of the strawman fallacy, right?


Please fix this thread’s title. There is no humour in this thread.

BURN! :fire:


You’ve heard of sarcasm, right? It’s just a little bit of a fun, a light release against the waves of increasingly peculiar demands some people make, both here and on the Steam forums.


You are saying you are going to misrepresent the opposing argument and attack that instead of the original argument. That is the strawman fallacy, using a logical fallacy as an argument and then saying “lel sarcasm” is still using a logical fallacy, in fact you are acknowledging what you are doing and any smart person would ignore you from there on out.


That’s… the sarcasm…

The post is written ‘in character’ of someone who makes a questionable point, then defends it to the hilt despite all the points being made against it. I’m stating the obvious to make it clear how absurd it can be in some cases. That’s the sarcasm, I’m deliberately pointing out the absurdity in character with a straight face. That IS sarcasm.


Brother, you need to take a chill pill.



Oh and while you’re at it, the monsters, Caira, Laz, Parnell, and Bucket are all OP and need a nerf. Believe me, I know. I watched some gameplay and it was obvious. Oh, I also feel like the strike system needs to be removed. I mean, it’s a game. Why should I get penalized for screwing up? Also, the heal burst needs a big buff. I mean it is completely useless. It’s so bad that I never used it, even when my team was yelling at me as Laz to heal myself, I just couldn’t justify it. And you should listen to me because I got to play the game for 3 days and I went undefeated against people who don’t know how to play. How is THAT balance? :wink:


Perfect ^.^


He’s trying to help people realize that they don’t know as much about the game as they think they do. It is incredibly frustrating hearing people say buff this and nerf that when they havn’t had much hands on time, if any, or who played against disorganized teams who didn’t know what they were doing


Obviously buff the monster, it’s 4v1? He needs to be OP.


I agree about the 48v12 I thought it would be cool to have a war like defend but more intense


After through testing, we’re going with a complete redesign

You and three other monsters vs a lone hunter

In Hunt, you and your friends need to find the human before they reach (st)age 18 and destroy the internet.

Coming 2016 only on SEGA


If the monsters arrive via dropship (including pre-match chatter)… SOLD! :wink:


:clap: can’t wait for the alpha to come out


Wrong, the hunter drops in…to a tyrant pit.

It’s to ensure the fastest game time.


I played one game against a Kraken and lost. ZOMGROFLBBQPIZZA Trtuel Rkco nerf pls!


Whats the point of this thread? Do you wanna rattle us? If that was your intention, I’m sorry didn’t worked try again.