Game can't find/sync my data?

What do I do? At the startup it just gives me options to try again (sync) or play offline (haha NO). I have turned it off and then back on, exhausting my fix knowledge.

I’m on x1 any helps are appreciated!

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You did a full reboot? While you’re at it, reset your router too. And then might as well unlink/relink your my2k account.

Only use ritual sacrifice as a last resort. :wink:

Let me know how it goes.

Same here. Strangely, I can choose “play offline” and still get into a party with friends.

I suspected I wouldn’t be the only one!

I hit use offline and definitely still found the online lobbies… This is maaaaas confusing. Still had my profile and all too :S

I’m getting the same thing also on XB1.

Happened to me too. Won’t let me use party chat and play online at the same time now.

I wonder if its an XBL issue.

yea spmething for me too but when I did choose offline it gave me this weird skipping sound when I got into a lobby then kicked me

I just fully reset everything (xb1, router/modem and cable box) and still getting same thing.

I think its XBL

Same thing for me.

Yah I’m getting it too after a reset, I’ll choose offline if I can still play online…but that’s the type of thing that just screams “You’ll have your characters/leaderboard” reset again. So I’m a little apprehensive. Will wait an hour and try again.

Pretty sure it’s XBL related since no other system is having the issue.

Actually I just went to use Netflix after I wrote this (to kill an hour) and got the same thing. So you’re right on. XBL issue that just coincided with the patch coincidentally.

Poor Evolve, I love it to death but need to try and give it the benefit of the doubt more (one reset early really still has my paranoid I suppose). Anyways thanks for the note Mountain.

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Definitely bad timing, but nothing TRS can do about this. Hopefully it clears up soon.