Game came to a draw!


Didn’t think it was possible, but it happened. This is surprising to me because it’s my only draw in a couple hundred hours of game play.

I was Parnell, down two hunters with the stage 2 Wraith focussing the third. I’m firing rockets at the monster as Abe is downed on the rock bridge above the Distillery river. Wraith is left with a sliver of health. I jetpack up towards her to finish the job, but Wraith realises her health level and starts to flee. However she then seems to notice that I too have only a sliver of health remaining. She decides to warp back towards me as I take out my shotgun. I’m standing my ground besides the downed Abe but I have no super soldier, and no shield.

Fortunately, Wraith seems to be panicking. She fires off her 3 point warp blast. I am hoping for a miracle because that abominable explosion radius is nigh impossible to dodge at two-bar ping. To my delight it lands on the bottom side of the bridge! Close call. I chip away at her health as she climbs onto the bridge and approaches me. I take aim as she enters melee range, and hold onto that left mouse button for my dear life. Then she strikes with her heavy melee registers, the killing blow lands and Parnell ragdolls as I accept the loss. It’s to my amusement, however, that the Wraith drops dead immediately after and the four simple letters DRAW appear on the red gameover banner.

Truth be told, I was disappointed with the result. Near the end, the game felt like my hunter victory to lose. Thinking back, I missed a couple rockets as he focussed Abe, and if they had hit, I wouldn’t be telling this story. This will be one of those games I will never forget. I feel like Evolve gives the biggest thrill when you’re in the closest of battles.Additionally, the rareness of a draw makes it memorable.

On a sidenote, Parnell is a beast. “Boom, hero mode!” is one of my favourite lines in the whole game.


Pics or didnt happend


This right here bother me to no end :scream:


this has happened before google it up or post a topic about it


Oh yeh I was writing with male pronouns, then decided to change them all to female because it’s the wraith. I must’ve missed that one, thanks.


~Insert rant about sexism for kicks and giggles~

Jokes aside, the first ever draw for Evolve was almost a year ago in a comp at E3 or PAX or something. Game crashed because the devs didn’t program for a draw, didn’t know it was possible.


Yup had my first draw in about 200 hours of playing just the other day. I was leap smashed while in a arc mines radius. Both died lol.


That’s an even more epic conclusion than mine!


LOL! xD that’s how rare a draw is