Game bugged for mechanical keyboards?


I use a mechanical keyboard, and it requires a re-activation of the key to get the jetpack firing again if it runs out while I’m holding the key down. This problem doesn’t exist on non-mechanical keyboard using dome actuation keys.

Proposed fix: Make it so that when the jetpack runs out, the game checks to see if the key is still being actuated, and if so, it reinitiates the jetpack.

It may seem trivial to have to reactuate a key, but it’s actually a pain in the middle of battle, especially when you’re stun locked and trying to scale a wall. if the monster hits you while you’re jetpacking, you’ll be forced to reactuate the key, which is just a pain to have to focus on. this means you’ll have to physically look to see when jetpack is available in order to fire it up once it is available, and that’s easier said than done in battle; too tedious.

And it applies to directional keys aswell. So it’s an issue that permeates every key press in the game, including for monster. If a monster hits you and kocks you back, you must literally activate the directional keys again…and again, alongside the jetpack…otherwise you’re standing still! That’s too much to focus on and time at once, making the game quite exhausting. I shouldn’t have to re-press W to go forward just because I took a hit.

This all gives cheap dome cap keyboards a significant advantage in response time over mechanical keyboards.

Keyboard inputs not registering in game

Aren’t all keyboards mechanical? Not a joke. I really do not know.


A Higher Priority fix would be to fix the DEVICE_HUNG error crashes that a lot of people get on PC. But that problem you got would be a minimal priority since you could buy a cheap one until a fix comes out.


Do you use a typewriter as keyboard?


Clearly, you do not understand technology, and this is not the place to discuss nor learn about it. This is not some technological learning forum. Don’t act like children.

cheap dome cap keyboard (low quality, low durability, rubber wears out, loses stiffness, actuates inconsistently)

mechanical key (high quality, high durability, meant to withstand millions of keystrokes)

mechanical keyboards range from $80 and up; and they’re worth every penny.

The difference is that because of the programming in this game doesn’t account for how mechanical keyboard work, the dome caps switch mechanism doesn’t require reactivation, while mechanical keyboard switches do.


If this is true, that’s a real hassle. Kinda glad I didn’t get a mechanical keyboard for christmas now.


I’m sorry if I sound dumb, but what exactly was your problem in-game?
Were you wanting to hold down spacebar to climb a wall when you run out of fuel?
Again, sorry if I sound dumb.


You can climb up even if you completely consume the jetpack during flight.You just need a little bit to start the propulsion.


the jetpack doesn’t do anything if you hold down the key, it’ll just sit there and recharge but won’t activate, unless you let go of the button and press it again.

same with being hit, if you get hit, and you’re still pressing the button, your player won’t move until you press a direction key again. that means you are functionally idle until you press a key again, which is just horrible for a fast paced FPS.

I also found another quark with it, even with a keyboard key press repeat rate, if you are falling a long distance while your jetpack has run out, you will definitely not at all, be able to jetpack again when it recharges, without pressing the space bar again, because it functionally misses the keyboard repeat rate (a setting in windows control panel for all keyboards). It’s definitely a bug (or more accurately, oversight) in the game itself, and not a hardware issue. I’ve tried the keyboard both in USB and PS2 ports, same issue.

the problem is the game doesn’t count an already actuated key, as being pressed, if some kind of action interrupts that key press, like being hit or jetpack running empty.


I’ve noticed this too. I have a mechanical keyboard and regularly have to spam keyboard to get climbing again. I assumed it was some in game mechanic stopping people from wall riding as whenever I get to a wall I have to press space a few times to start climbing.

If does feel a little off, and is very frustrating when you’re trying to escape a monster but can’t move. When you’ve ben knocked back by a Goliath rock for example, if you hold space while you’re tumbling the jetpack wont activate when you stop tumbling. You have to press it after you’ve stopped moving.

I have no idea if its the keyboard or just how the game works?


Oh good god… is this for real!? I’ve been playing all this while thinking it was a mechanic of the game… I’ve only been using my mechanical keyboard for most of my gaming life so I wouldn’t have known the difference. If using a normal cheap keyboard actually keeps the “movement” in game always active, then that’s really something bad for us mechanical keyboard users… It takes just that fraction of a second that could make a difference in a fight D:


Learned something new today.


@MacMan Hey, reviving this to ask you guys if you’ve heard anything about this/the issue is fixed? Looking at getting a gaming keyboard, but not if it makes the game harder!


i get the same problem for controller with climbing i have a feeling it isnt specific to keyboards.


This drives me absolutely bonkers in the game. I got a mechanical so I gave my old G15 keyboard to my roomate and it is substantially better for Evolve as it does not glitch out with the game like my mechanical will.


I can confirm that this does happen to me to and as with others I thought it was a feature of the game.
I does feel off though with all the other movement feeling so right.
One simple way to test this when evolving if you hold down your moment key (ie forward) before you’ve finished evolving after you finish the animation you’ll stay in position until you let off the key and re initilise.
It seems to only happen after you go through a forced animation. Stun, evolve, wildlife etc and you’re holding down the key before the animation is done


that’s a completely separate issue with running out of fuel before climbing, or trying to climb with no fuel for too long, or climbing up a bad wall with a bad ledge bounding box, especially walls with protruding rocks and overhangs.


Yep the same thing happens for many actions with monster, not just hunter. I’ve seen it happen with both feeding and pouncing. I’ve seen it happen with abilities too. For example, if you get shot while aiming a leap smash, it can release and activate it as if you let go of the button.

It’s not a feature, and if it was, it’d be a pretty bad one, especially for a fast paced FPS. It’s just not natural to have to reactuate keys to perform actions. And since the issue seems to only affect mechanical keyboards, there’s definitely a disparity in the playing field. An $80-$160 keyboard should not perform worse than a $12 one. Barnone.


I’m not sure what you mean by “reactivation” of the key. Go into the chat of the game, press and hold down a key, it constantly repeats the key pressed as if you expected. In what sense do you mean “reactivation”? this doesn’t really make sense to me. A keyboard typically just reads two states. Key Pressed (1), and Key not pressed (0). There is no middle area. How exactly do you explain the key “reactivation”? key presses on a generic keyboard work the exact same way except that on a non-mechanical keyboard the keys typically short a fine circuit. There is a small rubber pad coated with electrical material that allows the circuit ( to short and trigger the Key Pressed (1) event. On a mechanical keyboard a linear switch that is metal wants to retain a certain position that would allow itself to complete a circuit if it were not for the key design itself stopping it from doing so. When pressing the key is snapping into place as the design of the metal and key itself press against each other. This creates a natural resistance but immediately allows the key to fully be pressed with ease after pressing passed the most resistant part of the switch creating a sudden click. This position in which the click occurs is always the same which is why mechanical keyboards are great to game on. When you press they key, you can be certain the key pressed(1) state has triggers. There is technically no difference the event that gets sent from a mechanical keyboard then there is from a standard membrane keyboard. This issues still remains unclear as of where the problem is coming from. Certainly it’s in the game itself and perhaps its because they designed their game to work with certain HIDs (Human Interface Devices) differently. This is certainly not because of the mechanics of the keyboard. I’m sure I could even prove this if I somehow force install generic keyboard drivers to work with my mechanical keyboard.


Well the internals don’t work exactly the same. Mechanical keyboards often have isolated circuits, while dome cap keyboard share circuits for keys. This is why they have keyboards ghosting or tout 10 button touch features. So your P key and O key for example, could share the same exact circuit on the keyboard, they just produce different signals separately and combined…and the keyboard has a segway that interprets it…and that’s why many cheap keyboards can only press soo many keys at once before the keys don’t register anymore. Many of these keyboards have to be specifically designed to isolate a few commonly used-together keys, like WASD, in order to avoid keypress registration issues.

I noticed a slight improvement when setting the key repeat delay in the control panel to the longest it would go. This means that when pressing a key, say in notepad, it would wait a whole second or so before trying to repeat the key. That seemed to help to get some actions initiated without a repress…but only if they were available at the time the repeat delay kicked in. If they weren’t, a repress would be required.

Regardless of what’s causing it, it needs to change…even if it’s somehow an intended feature that cheap keyboard are getting around due to how they function…it would be a horrible intended feature, because it’s a fast paced FPS; people want to pre-press keys out of natural instinct, to have the action happen as soon as its available to happen…like in EVERY other FPS game out there. It goes beyond gaming mechanics, right down to ease of usability. It’s far too tedious to have to constantly repress keys, not to mention to have to pay specific attention of when to re-press them in the heat of battle.

It’s bad enough that we actually have to hold down say, W, constantly, for a 20 minute round, just to walk forward. That’s exactly why represses are basically a no-no in game design wherever possible.

Imagine if you were playing say, call of duty, and everytime someone shot you with a bullet, your direction key needed to be re-pressed in order to keep moving. Just doesn’t happen, in any game, ever…except Evolve.