Game Breaks


I have over 300 hours in game play with L4D & L4D2 and I still enjoy playing those games with my friends a couple nights a week. When I played the Alpha I felt like there wasn’t enough down time to regroup like in the “safe rooms.” I was wondering if there was going to be any game break points where players can switch characters or just regroup for a few minutes before the next round other than when the monster is killed or the hunters all die. I was thinking like each time the monster evolved would be a good place to take a break. This “safe area” is where we all laugh and poke fun at each other, take a wiz, or get a drink. Any thoughts?


I think the best you could hope for would be breaks between rounds in Evacuation mode…all of the modes done solo only take about 20-some minutes each. I’ve had rounds go in 5 minutes to up to 35 minutes, and all intense. You can opt to “take a break” within the confines of any given match and have a bot take over for an emergency bathroom break or something…but other than that within a single round of say Hunt, I don’t see a break being viable as it would deflate the momentum of the round. Now, during the campaign that’s a different matter…but that’s probably a lobby break, and not exactly what you had in mind.


I don’t see them putting something like this into the game unless their is a future gamemode which uses it.

I think they used to have a break when you died and went to the dropship, but they felt it disconnected you from the game.


Evolve strikes to deliver an intense gameplay … if you had this breaks/saferooms (whatever you call it) it’s gonna kill the intensity & momentum. The only possibility I can think off, would be on the startup of the match, when the ship arrives … where instead of watching the scene you could walk around in the hangar and mess around with other players … a bit like tf2 on the start of the rounds.