Game Breaking Wraith Abduction Glitch (1.5min vid 1080p)


First 2 are to show that abduction was working fine, until the power relay. Hunters confirmed in post game chat that they saw exactly what I saw. Cat6 Ethernet cable straight into the modem from Xbox. I never lag, if I do its the end of the game for everyone because I wouldn’t be the only one lagging.


I’m assuming it’s the ‘stuck in abduct’ mode and you couldn’t leave it? Haven’t seen that one tbh. But I don’t play/fight very many Wraiths.


Seen it before, the title is a bit click baity, it wears off after a certain time


It seemed like it woulve lasted forever.


nah it breaks eventually


well its still game breaking


Not really related to the OP, but kinda is, but if you go to abduct and aim at the ground below you, you can cancel the animation and not use up a cooldown.


sweet, i rarely play wraith and when i did this happened, I’m a kraken and goliath man myself. when I want to have fun, goliath, when I want to win, kraken.


Thank you for reporting this and I appreciate the video. Would like confirmation on this, did you happen to spam the use of abduction when you aimed at Hank in anticipation of getting shot off, so you could then abduct him asap? Or did you hold for a brief moment? I’m wondering if it occurred as a result of the timing of your hit reaction animation from Markov, combined with triggering the abduction. Any slight details about your inputs might be helpful.


I had something like that happen to me too, but it was after I attempted an abduction I was stuck on the motion coming back on a cliff, lasted like 20-30 seconds


First of all thank you for responding and asking for additional info.

I held it firmly for at least 2 seconds that I remember, should I tag you in future glitches and super badass vids that won’t be a waste of your time I promise.


What about Abduct not working on targets standing still? It just damage them but don’t pull them ;(


In future if the information provided is pretty clear cut, there’s no need to tag me. Putting them in the bugs thread is sufficient. Ultimately our amazing Community Manager @DamJess goes through all the bugs and gathers them up for us so someone else may follow up on it, in which case tagging the particular individual that responds would be helpful.

Thanks again.

@rigge That’s definitely a different bug we’re aware of and are working on. I believe @MajorLeeHyper was researching that one in particular.


i had that bug 3 times aswell now in a single game couple of days ago.

it appears completly random, in midair, on the ground it can happen everywhere.


Some claim it only lasts 10 seconds others 30 others like myself say forever.


So, 23ish seconds = forever? Thanks for making that clear to me


I’m not op but something really similar happened to me a while ago when I first unlocked wraith. I wasn’t able to capture proof but I can explain what happened.

I got to stage 3 and we fought at the relay. I had the high ground and abducted at a kinda sharp downward angle from the ledge, the abduction was casted, but instead of a hunter I got a poon mine in the face, and thus was frozen in time between the said ledge and poon mine.

I regained control after the poon mine seemed to wear off but I was just about dead anyways


Jup, had this bug once before. Wasn’t doing anything special and it broke after like 10-15’ish seconds. But once it happend, it kept happening for the duration of the match. Everythime I used abduct afterwards, it was stuck. At first I tought it was lag, but all the other abilities were still usable…


No need to be a smart ass about it.


No need to exaggerate :slight_smile: