Game breaking problem with Torvald!

Torvald’s not from Shear, he’s bumped into the monsters before elsewhere and after being saved he went to Shear on his own hunting the things.

Also, they said that the hunters were already on Shear, they DIDN’T say they were natives. Sunny is definitely not a native for example. They could already be on shear because they made their own way to the planet on their own leads.


Sunny’s not from Shear though. Torvald is from Clocktower. Slim was genetically modified in the events surrounding the Mutagen Wars, who knows where from originally. Crow retired TO Shear. I think they were ON Shear, not from Shear as originally stated.


My guess is that Torvald ran into the monsters on another planet/colony, called Clocktower. After he was re-built as the Six Million Dollar Man, he came to Shear before the hunters did. While on Shear he was hurt again, and this time saved by Sunny.
Sunny is an engineer, so it makes more sense she repaired his bionic implants rather than being the one that installed them in the first place.

Now, this do mean that there is a chance Space Norway/Cloaktower was attacked by the monsters… :sob:


It doesn’t say they are from shear, it only says they where not called they where already here. If i meet someone in a bar and they call to see where I am and I’m already there, it doesn’t mean i live there .

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I stand heavily corrected! Is there a place where you found all this info? I would love to read up on it!

And thank god for Space Norway!

Also, me and my friends have been craving a hunter with a heavy Spanish accent. Do you know if Slim by chance may of been that spainard before the mutagen war!

I don’t know. I got the info from this thread:

Caira is atleast of Spanish decent.

Clocktower is his home’s name…

Destroyed is its status.

So it seems as though Sunny is the one who saved Darth Torvald. And gave him his robot bits. Interesting.

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I mean, she does have a robotic arm frame for herself, why not help others?!

Hank and Cablt do too- it’s the Support thing. Medics have winged packs, Assaults have two large protrusions on their backs and Trappers have their own packs and weird Trapper-y stuff.

So the healthcare on Shear isn’t very good?

Thanks Obama.


I think that you think I was referring to the back Exo-skeleton Mr Monash!

I am referring to the one that is specifically holding up her giant freaking overkill grenade launcher.
Because as far as I remember, and I only play Bucket, that Cabot holds his gun up with his muscles, and Hank holds his up with the magical powers of his beard. But she has a hydraulic-amps robot arm helping her out!

And by weird Trapper-y stuff I assume you mean badass nature survival gear, then yes, they do have that.

I disagree. I think Sunny just repaired him again. Probably how he got in touch with the hunters.

@lmabear better fix it before she notice! :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, me quoting you kinda ruined it…

Click bait title much…

The only game breaking issue I see with Torvald is the fact that I can’t play as him currently haha.

I hope Torvald is really good. I really like Markov, but experienced Monsters don’t go anywhere near the big bright red glow surrounding his mines (the point of a mine being that you… don’t see them) - entire matches with level 40s go by now and they never touch one unless they leap blindly, and Kraken never at all because he’s in the air. If Torvald’s as good as his combination of weapons sounds then he’ll be my new main. Eat some mortar, arrogant squid.

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He can be a native of shear, and travel the galaxy. He happened to be home when the big bad monsters attacked.

If that were the case, I wouldn’t call him a dick for coming back and helping to evacuate other citizens.

If I got away I would just have to offer a prayer for the rest of you cause hell naw.

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Reminds me of the cowardly soldiers from Attack on Titan. Eventually you are going to run out of places to run to, and what happens when the monsters catch back up and you’re with loved ones. Could you imagine any of your future children running across a Goliath?

Torvald didn’t have the stones to stay on Shear.

No really, they were torn from his body and eaten by an ill-tempered glaciapod.

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You watch Attack on Titan?
You and me are friends now, you have no say in the matter :grinning: