GAME BREAKING: Invisible players


It’s amazing that, even after an alpha and beta test, bugs like these can make it into the final release. How far gaming has come…

Anyway, sometimes when joining a game, players will be invisible for the entire match. Yes, this can even happen with the monster. This is absolutely game breaking and I’m amazed it’s still in this game. Fix it very soon.


Never encountered this o.O I imagine it can’t be a common bug, otherwise I would probably have seen it mentioned.

Do you have pics/vids?


It’s happened about 5 times for me now. Last one was an invisible kraken. Next time it happens I’ll record it.


Is this PC or console, too? PC got a micropatch that consoles haven’t gotten, so maybe it was something that came up through that?


Maybe you have a corrupt file?


Xbox one version.


Consoles don’t do that.


Yep, this happened to me yesterday with invisible hunters, I’ll upload soon the video


Had this happen a lot when joining a game.


are u talking about the strider bug?

where it seems like that ure taking over a strider with like 1 hp?


Never had this happen before. Maybe I’m just lucky? Lol.


I took over a Mammoth Bird once. :smile:


I’ve been in a match, usually an in progress one, where i was loaded into to the map mid “Domed Monster Battle” and every one could see the monster expect me (Support) and the other guy who was loaded in slightly after me (medic). we could see the glow of Goliath hands as it attacked and used ability’s but never saw the monster. (during rock throw the rock was also invisible but the impact “glow” was visible). Oddly after it evolved later on to stage 3 and we ran into it again we could all see it.


Ive been playing evolve since launch and its only happened to me twice. it pretty rare, at least for me anyways.


I’m on xbone and when I join a match in progress the monster was invisible for me twice…No biggie. Just annoying


im on xbox and i have friends who have had this problem, i’ve had problems being a monster and the game starts and i have no abilities two bars of health and im invisible its happened to me twice. or joining a game and the screen is black and the only time you can see is when you sniff, tbh i’ve never seen so many problems for a game post release with such little updates on progress.


I have a clip just let me find out how to upload :stuck_out_tongue: