Game Breaking Glitch Devs Please Read!


So, I just encountered a glitch while playing on the map: Orbital Drill
I was playing Kraken, and when I went to Evolve, the animation kept restarting about a half second in, causing this back and forth motion that was clearly broken. So I moved on, thinking it had to do with the location. (Sorry no screenshot)

First Evolve Try Location

I arrived at my second Evolve location, and proceded to try one more time before I fought at level one. The animation stuttered a couple of times again, then it continued and the point allocation screen popped up. “Awesome!” I think, but then I cant use any points, and the screen doesn’t disappear, so I am left at the Hunter’s mercy forever while I cannot close the Evolve screen, and they shoot me to death.


It totally lost me the game, and i’m still infuriated by it, especially because I made it clear in /all chat that I had glitched out, and I voted to restart the round, but that got shit on, they killed me while I was defenseless, and then in the after-game lobby, on voice chat they say i’m a shitty monster and should stop playing. Are you fucking kidding me?!

This takes me to my second post:

Restart Round Vote Under Hunter's Control = Bad

It’s a known glitch, they’re working on it.

They’re also working on one that causes you to die due to being unable to spend points after you evolve, causing you to sit there until you’re found, and then executed by the hunters.


it happened to me the same exact thing on weather control with Bob. Got the evolve animation bugged, skill points screen appeared but then i couldn’t do anything…