Game Breaking Exploit on Broken Hill Mine


Yesterday on Xbox I encountered an Abe that was on top of the map camping above the Relay. I was playing as Behemoth and not even my tongue grab could reach him and my rock wall could not block his bullets because he was so high. I was still able to pull off the win by spamming RT on the relay as fast as I could when the Abe was reloading. The hunters spawned on the drop ship 3-4 times which was annoying and the match lasted 24 minutes when it should have ended at 8-10 minutes. Please fix.


Wow, the fact that they never killed you with 3-4 drops is impressive in itself. If you could maybe explain in a bit more detail where exactly he was camping?


When you first drop from the ship on Broken Hill Mine you can see the top of map. Well he was up there and had a good view of the relay.


I wouldn’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:
PC player, we don’t get the maps until what? April 30th?


You badass son of a gun. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had a trapper on my team sit on a large rail on the refueling tower. really unfair since the monster was playing Behemoth and there was no way he could hit him. No other monster would have been able to do it either. These kind fo thigns really need to be fixed


It happened to me too i spawned on top, didn’t do it on purpose though. just a bug.


Yep, same thing happened to me. I joined a game in progress on that map and Cabot was already up there. After I died as Hyde I respawned and landed on an invisible ceiling instead of falling to the ground.
Unsurprisingly with Cabot and me up in the sky, the Monster simply gave up after taking out the other two Hunters over and over as they for some reason weren’t getting stuck in the same way.