(GAME BREAKING) Behemoth Bugs: Cannot feed, Can get stuck on geometry (Like trees)


Apperantly, with no hunters or taking any damage nearby, I am unable to feed suddenly as behemoth. Additionally. I can also randomly get stuck on geometry nearby, despite easilly having a way around it, clear space to every direction but the tree.


I second the geometry bug, had an issue during a match earlier with it.


Indeed. Chased an assault down a narrow crevice. I could get in, but then could not get out.

This was on the edge of dome. Lost half of my health because all I could do was sit there and take it.


yep, got stuck on defend too, couldnt climb the walls and got stuck in the doorways…


I can confirm the feeding bug. I was playing a custom Defend game on New Calico and in a large area around the first generator, I could not feed despite all hunters camping the second generator. It went away after about 30 seconds and I could feed again.

On the new Foundry map it happened as well on a custom game with bots when I was well away from taking any damage. Frustrating.

Thankfully hasn’t happened in matchmaking yet.