Game and UI suggestion


Hey all. I think gonna be good if devs can add

  • List with people you played last few game
  • More small minimap and put it more close to corner
  • Give hunters option to choice where mini map must be, right or left
  • Tab where you can read all ability of hunters / monsters with damage and stuff
  • In ranked game, need fix moment with picking role. Atm its like who can keep clicking on mouse can play role that he want
  • Need more ingame basics, like
    – how much fuel in jetpack in sec, reload speed, jetpack reload speed
    – how much you gonna have after add perk
    – same DoTs summing damage or no
    – etc.
  • In profile, button for buying hunters / monsters, need centralise for picture of hunter / monster not for lvl of hunter. Must be a little more on the right than atm.


  • Penalty for players who leave the class selection
  • Fix problem for groups, too much time “lobby is full”
  • For turrets must have reduced damage from AOE like kraken does


@LilTrashPanda Take them notes :stuck_out_tongue: