Galactoid's Ultra Advanced Tetris Guide


Okay, after a brief period of mood swings, I’ve recovered from it, and shall re-upload the Tetris guide here again.

This compilation is a thorough list of every Tetris method I learned in the last 10 weeks, ever since I started playing Puyo Puyo Tetris in April.

I’m not particularly the best person to talk about Tetris sometimes, because my Tetris experience is just that - 10 weeks, with no prior experience except for 1 or 2 rounds of classic Tetris. I was mostly a Puyo player who played Puyo casually and intermittently for many years.

However, within that 10 weeks, I did learn quite fast, and got to 60-65 sec sprint time on Jstris, reaching 100 PPM on Jstris, could do 7 to 8 PC sprints (albeit by luck), also reached reached around 41000-42000 ultra score, achieving 18 seconds on Nullpomino Dig race, while being able to defeat level 22 Tetris Online Poland AI, and also having memorised about 95% of the techniques in this guide. So I’m not exactly a complete novice, in spite of my short time with Tetris. I do have comparatively lacking versus experience though, since I play casually, and because of my personality, just do not have the competitive spirit to play VS seriously.

That said, here are the guides:




(Note that as of right now, the charts below need a serious update, but I haven’t had the time to update it. Sending a TSS is no longer an ideal counter vs PC openers, and I’ve been looking up how to integrate a TSS into a C4W to counter PC openers)


Note: A very skilled PC master, called Captivate, who can easily do 20 PCs in an average PC run, has passed on to me very radical methods to do PCs. I’m looking into this, and if I master it, I will publish it. It’s totally different from the ones below.

(Below: this is a solution I missed out in some of the guides below, just slot it in)









(Might have mistakes - the findings below are only exploratory. I have not checked through them thoroughly yet)


In general, for versus, proper down-stacking and garbage management are the most important skills, on top of efficiency and speed. if you don’t have these, no matter how many techniques you learn in this guide, it will do little good, so it is best to focus on the above-said techniques. I suggest using Nullpomino’s Dig Race and Dig Challenge to practise these.

Also, Tetris Online Poland’s level 23 and 24 AIs are very good solo practice.

Use Tetresse (from hard drop) to train Finesse.

Nullpomino and Tetresse are very good for training PCs, openers, and mid-game techniques, as you can pause the game to slowly think.

Misamino’s turn-based T-spin AI bot is free, and is very good for training vs a very efficient T-spin AI (it is turn-based, so you can think slowly).

Tetresse, Tetris Online Poland, and Nullpomino are all free.

Good luck!

I will be focusing full-time on my career as a novelist from now on, so I will have very little time to improve on my Tetris. The last 10 or so weeks have been very productive for me, but life commitments are more important, so sadly, I cannot focus on improving as much for Tetris as I did for the last 10 weeks.

I will however, be studying consecutive PC patterns. I will make a guide to do 10 perfect clears in a single ultra when I discover something.


Cosin3 - for giving me the initial impetus to start off with Tetris research. Although he has quit Tetris and moved on, I hope he will be back to see the research progress
Davdav1233 - for supplying me with data on doing PC research and also for setups
Captivate - for explaining to me how he does 10+ PC sprints using ‘free-style’ PCs (best way I can name it)
Pwn (Pwn_by_numbers) - for supplying with his new setup finder to research openers
Knewjade - for his solution finder and PC research data
Whipemerald - for sharing information on 3rd PC patterns on Twitter
Nilgiri - for sharing information on 3rd PC patterns on Twitter
Hard-drop - for the extensive guide compiled on the hard-drop site by many individuals (though I presume Oakeydokey was the main person writing most of them, especially the PC guides)
z2sam - for being the first person to encourage me to share and publish my Tetris guides, which were at first only personal study notes meant to help me master Tetris
Pwn (Pwn_by_numbers) - for making the software that allows one to convert all fumen images of the solutions for perfect clears into a single file containing all of them


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but does bigfoot play tetris?


Updated with 2 new pics (the opener updates)


By the way, for those who were directed here from the Hard-drop community to this guide from the thread I published on the Hard-drop forums just yesterday, welcome to eccentric paradise!

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Updated the guide with new PC research.

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