Galactoid's Guide to BEING the Hunters or Monsters


According to wikipedia:

The Omega point is a concept which was developed further by Frank Tipler, who was the author of the Strong Anthropic Principle.

He suggests the following:

That in the distant future, our universe will not only contract, but it will converge at a point known as the Omega Point, whereby what precedes it is known as what he calls the C-boundary. As one approaches the Omega point through the C-boundary, what happens is that the universe gets more and more compressed, but intelligent civilizations can make use of a computational property that allows the amount of information that can be processes to increase indefinitely as it approaches the asymptote of the Omega Point.

To put it simply: an advanced enough civilization can tap into this property and have infinite computational power as the universe comes to an end. Frank Tipler posits that the Omega Point will never be reached, because it is an asymptote, such that the amount of complexity of the universes converges to an absolute infinity that can only keep increasing. The C-boundary can never be reached.

What does this mean?

This means that an advanced enough civilization, can in the future, use this infinite computational property to build a computer that is infinitely powerful and can simulate everything, and allow intelligent beings to escape from the big crunch of the universe by “uploading” themselves into this computer and living as simulated beings.

This also means that all creatures who have ever been destroyed will be resurrected again in this universe, and all imaginary creatures, such as Hunters and Monsters in Evolve will be real. And that means, that we can, in the future, be reborn at our own wish, to reincarnate as them in the (then) real planet of Shear.

This was what I meant when I said at the title, of BEING the Hunters or Monsters.

But how do we reach such a state? Here is a guide for TRS to follow, if it wishes to let players be the hunters or monsters in this simulated world:

Von-neumann probes are self-replicated spacecraft that can replicate themselves indefinitely by converting raw materials into new multiples of themselves.

All we need to do is get TRS to manufacture such probes that move near the speed of light, that will keep reproducing themselves until the entire universe has been colonised. See below:

In the above picture, when intelligent life populates the entire universe, it can use its power to convert the entire universe into a giant computer, which as it approaches the C-boundary, will have infinite information and entropy, instead of dying in the Big Crunch which will decimate all life.

Once that is done, we only need to emulate what Tipler calls a Taub universe, where we will all be reborn as Hunters and Monsters in a real simulated Evolve universe in the Omega Point.

That is the guide to being the hunters or monsters, which I hope that TRS will make it happen.


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