Gained 125 points, lost 93 in just 3 games of hunt!


I tried looking up how this points system worked and for what I can find There doesnt seem to be much sense to be made of it, I lost in medlab and baracks twice, They both just dont seem to fit for the Goliath imo, Some maps have places to hide away just to evolve or you run from one end of the map to the other you will find time to evolve,

This Hunt mode is new to me though as I played on pc now on xbox because well on pc hunt may aswell not exist as it never works. Enjoying it so far on XB1 and I am playing the way the game should be played, (without lag), But now I’m screwed, these two maps I gave a stupid amount of effort to win and still lost, Trying to find a way around the map to lose hunters long enough is near impossible, I havent timed it but Evolving must take about 10 seconds or so, If a team is mobile like most they leave the wildlife alone, The trapper with the dome can pretty much see you before you evolve anywhere and the dome radius covers you easily, if the team are on your tail it doesnt seem likely on those two maps that you will be 10 seconds ahead.

So based on that I have just 2 questions!
I would love to know how this Brutally punishing points system works?
And How do you deal with these maps when playing as Goliath?

Any response will be appreciated as I keep loosing on those maps, usually just by a hair, So its unbelievably Frustrating when you die after putting in so much effort, and as for the points system I am at a complete loss, I lost -25 then -25 the -43 points! I was just thinking WTF! i thought -25 was some sort of set value but apparently not, It kinda stings to see your hard earned points go down but to go so fast is insane, I dont see the incentive unless you are a stubborn player and determined to get what you lost back!

If you had 500 points then had a bad run and lost 400 it would take a serious amount of effort to get back to where you where and thats only if people where bothered, Most wont play hunt im guessing because of this points system whatever way it works


Here’s how the points system works. It’s a long read but it’s quite detailed. :smile:


Thanks man appreciate it.