(G) Why are we all so defensive of Evolve?


A couple of months ago, I saw the following clip on youtube:

Above: Indeed, it is true that all of us here on earth, are without exception, African to some extent.

Above: This is because of Out-of-Africa theory, where our Cro-Magnon ancestors all traveled out from a common region: Africa, and then branched out to the rest of the world, as seen in the diagram above. Put it simply, there is a little black in all of us.

What happens, however, if we can extrapolate this even further?

Above: In the chart above, Cro-Magnon man traces back even further, to homo erectus, homo habilis, and finally, to australopithecus. If we trace it even further, we find ourselves as having diverged somewhat from primitive primates in the past. This chart has been derived through a method known as cladistics.

Above: There are 2 methods of deriving evolutionary trees: first by tracing the phenotypes (outward appearance) of an organism, or two, by using cladistics, which involves other discernible types of changes, such as bone structure. There is no known absolute way of accurately judging which ancestors are ours, but when we converge the two, we get a pretty good idea of what our ancestors might be like. Above this point, however, there is a “missing link” - we do cannot trace our ancestors too far back beyond australopithecus.

Above: However, we now believe that all humans came from the first mammal, as shown above, which is one of the few mammals to survive the Jurassic extinction 65 million years ago.

Above: However, phylogeny recapitulates ontogeny theory suggests that it may be possible to trace our ancestors using pictures of our embryonic development. For instance, for humans, early stages of the embryo is more like our ancestors for all the other creatures seen there.

Above: Introns and extrons are parts of our DNA that are mostly not used. It is believed that by genetic engineering, we can bring forth the properties of these unused parts to give hindsight about what our ancestors are like. This is because, new theory suggests that our introns and extrons contain unmanifested DNA on our ancestral DNA.

According to:

Above: Not long ago, scientists have managed to successfully activate the introns of a chicken. The result is that scientists have managed to create a chicken with primitive dinosaur features, such as some claws and teeth. This shows that birds (as already established as canon), evolved from dinosaurs. It is quite likely, that if we trace back our DNA for hundreds of millions of years, we all share many common ancestors, as dinosaurs.

Above: In short, human beings must have some form of precedence in some ancient ancestor that predates even dinosaurs.

Above: Some of them involve the creatures above, believed to be the first creatures to walk on land. Needless to say, humans most probably evolved from them since our genetic material must come somewhere. As you all can see - our ancestors all look quite like the monsters in Evolve, especially the more reptilian Goliath and Behemoth.

Above: Even earlier are jawless fish that have the semblance of Wraiths. It is likely that Goliaths, Behemoths, Wraiths, Gorgons, and Krakens, in fact may share many similarities with our ancestors.

What does all these mean?

It means that, there is actually a little monster in all of us - this is what gives us the instinct to petition 2K to let TRS work on Evolve. We are merely preserving our animal natures - the monstrosities which are all inherent in all of us.


Because we understand love.


Way to break it down man that was deep.



Wayyyy to deep


I’ve got no black in me, i’m 75% memes and 25% Italian.

Take that, galactoid.


I thought that was the end of the Cretaceous period.



The word ‘Defensive’ has 9 letters.

The word ‘Evolve’ has 6 letters.

9 - 6 = 3

There are three sides on a triangle.

The Illuminati is a triangle.

So the only logical conclusion is that the reason why we’re so defensive of Evolve is because we’re actually all part of the Illuminati.


illuminati. Miss.


y-y-you do realize how old this is right?


No. Not until I looked at the time card thingy