(G) This forum is quite mature compared to nearly all other game forums


I have been on many game forums before - many of the steam game forums for each individual game, general discussion, the blizzard SC2, WoW, Overwatch forums, mmo-champion, and 2K, etc. and so far, most of the other forums tend to have very inflammatory and insulting people who denigrate others using sarcasm and a host of other invectives and accusations. It is relatively conflictual over there. A trip to some of the steam sub-forums (like DoTA 2, TF2), and the WoW forums can often be filled with people who hurl racist remarks (like against non-English speaking people), or comments that seek to debase others.

This forum, on the other hand, seems to be comparatively harmonious. The only other which I know of which is also harmonious (though not as much) is the Uber PA forum. This forum is not just harmonious in general (of course there are exceptions), but is also quite supportive.

Is it just me, or most people here agree that it is the case too?


You still exist. I haven’t read your thread yet, but you still exist, and I’m glad.


Yea, it’s been a while. Decided to come back to hang out :3


and its like neatly set up compared to other game forums


Well, I’m glad to see you here again, Galactoid. It’s good to have you back. :slight_smile:


The mods/leaders do a good job of keeping the peace around here. Also helps that most of us are pretty mature and level headed.


The devs are pretty polite as well. on the KI forums they are pretty rude.


There is a tacit assumption here, held by most forumers, not to insult or denigrate others.

In some other forums, I kind of noticed that people react very negatively to the slightest of remarks. For instance, a remark may originally seem rather neutral, but others see it in a negative light, and take it as sarcasm, then respond accordingly with fire. There is like a competitive attitude there, with the assumption that players always appear snide, defensive, or aggressive, arising from a lack of trust. This is what gives rise to the negativity there.


This helps out a lot.


Discourse (forum software & host) + community staff + regular players + interactive devs + good game + dank memes (pronounced me-mes) = dank forums where I can post irrevelant gifs and everyone laughs without me getting banned.

All in all, the community is what makes the forums great, not the forum itself. The mods do a great job helping eachother out, and everyone will chip in advice and opinions. The mods monitor it and are great especially since they are normal people who are willing to do good without much in return.

The only problem with the forums is that once you’ve joined, you can never leave…



You say that like it’s a bad thing. :smile:

Welcome back Galactoid. It’s great to see you again. :slight_smile:


Lol. No… -_-



On that note gif is pronounced jif.


Welcome back Galactoid.


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Joke train. You just missed it. I said me-me as a joke :confused:


Seeing @Azmi_Anuar 's posts regarding Miley and friends…


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