(G) Things to add for the Evolve Expansion


Here are some very cool suggestions to make the Evolve expansion REALLY GOOD:


In here, players start playing the game almost as though it is Sim Earth or Spore, where they get to control an entire planet’s evolution and grow micro organisms, and trace every step of the evolution process until they Evolve to become monsters, which will then trigger the actual Evolve match.


In micro-mode, several hundred players will play at the micro level for every 4 players: this will involve viruses/bacteria VS nanobots. The nanobots are like nano machines in the hunters to help destroy viruses and bacteria from the hostile environment. Failure in doing so will lead to the hunters dying. This will take place in the capillaries of the hunters, though in future expansions, there will be a new mode called infest, which allows people to invade the monster’s body.


While the 4 players are fighting the monster, there will be many hundreds of other players playing at the same time, building new hunters, buildings, fortresses, monsters, minions, and nests, to expand the realism of the entire game, so that the 4 vs 1 typical game will be embedded in a much bigger world, that is as big as World of Warcraft.

  1. RPG MODE:

In entire planet will be like a huge continuous map for several hundred thousand players, who can do quests together, to slay monsters and such. All these will happen simultaneous to the 4 vs 1 battle, which will be borderless, so the players there can go to any map they wish.


This will involve a new layer, where just like in RTS, where it becomes Civilization 5: many players will build up their civilizations from the start, after EVOLUTION mode, then start invading planet. This will be interesting, as if a 4 vs 1 battle gets invaded by aliens, it will spawn many more minions to fight.


Every start, planet, and dust will be simulated, and players at the universal level may help build the entire Evolve universe, just like in Minecraft. This will lead to endless continent.


Overall, for every 5 players (4 hunter + 1 monster), there will be a few hundred players doing other things in order to make the 5 players’ games as real and as immersive as possible. This will lead to the ultimate Evolve experience.


At first I got really confused reading this, then I saw the “(G)”.

Take my like.


The depth in such a game… hell even an expansion would make any Console or PC shoot itself rather than try to run such a program. We would need tech from a good couple (dozen?) years into the future to be able to handle such a thing. While the idea seems interesting and even cool the thought of playing as a single celled organism seems… lame…

But I do like the RPG aspect. Reminds me of Wrath Unleashed in a sort of fashion. Got a big board and play it like a ‘Chess-Meets-RTS-Meets-Fighting’ Game. Crazy as all hell but solid.

Too bad I’ve already got a game thought up in my head that will take a gamers cake so something like this out of the question. Just gotta get the stuff on paper and get the programs needed to get started on it… and a computer that doesn’t struggle with opening a page to Google.


This game needs to simulate everything in order to be realistic, down to the atom.


Well before we get anyone on the planet we need to be were humanity is before they get on Shear… cuz they didn’t just pop up there.

And then if we really want to be realistic… well… how we gonna repopulate?

Pelvic thrusts must be included.


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Yeah, I might need the “(G)” explained in that case … mind humoring me here? Thks


It’s the way Galactoid marks his thread.

Just see his other topics and you’ll understand. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Galactoid here is our own Forum Scientist Enthusiast that makes a ton of threads that confuse us as well as teaches us about things that will hurt our brains if we think about it too much. Tis a strange lad…

The “(G)” just signifies that the thread is one of his.


Thanks @RCSRex & @Major_Warrior :smile:

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BOT players to compensate the lack of real players


Can we just copy-paste this proposal into a Kickstarter? I’m 100% behind this but with one modification: you should be able to evolve humanity up from microbes too, to get the hunters ready for battle. Not just the monsters.


Yes! I agree!

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I think if you screw up during the evolutionary phase, and have to battle the monster with floppy seaweed people, that’s too bad, deal with it. Fix your strat next time.


I enjoy RTS games and might actually buy an evolve one, i know this thread wasnt serious but think about it, building troops of ebonstar soldiers with the hunters being heroes, while on the other side you build portals and eggs to bring in different levels of monsters, and maybe somehow change the wildlife to your side, like with the agresive wildife perk. Though I apply this logic to almost every game I play so don’t mind me…

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I am dying. :joy:


Seaweed people confirmed UP lol

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Like a spore done good


So is there going to be an expansion or is this just make believe?


What i would like is a side Rampage dorky like mode where we can go in three minion monster types and we try and tear down the town all the while paying homage to a an arcade game long lost