(G) In the Future Evolve Timeline, People will use Toilet Papers covered in Diamond and wear wedding rings made of Anti-matter


Some people know that the richest people can afford many comfortable and luxurious services, which may include the following:

Some wealthy people actually use toilet papers made of gold sheets.

However, in the distant future, it will no longer be a dream to have toilet papers covered with fine diamond powder. Surely this is crazy, you may ask? I go to the extreme, and make the bold assertion, that even the poorest humans in the future Evolve timeline will be able to rub their butts with diamond-powdered tissue paper.

This is because:

Scientists have found that about 40 light years away, is a planet 3 times the size of earth, made with a diamond mantle and core:

With so much diamond, even getting a spaceship filled with mined diamonds in the distant future will erode the diamond economy and make them nearly worthless. Thus, with so much diamond, everything, including toilet papers, can be fabricated using diamonds.

So what will replace diamonds on our wedding rings you all may ask?

Anti-matter will be the most expensive thing in the universe to create, simply because a lot of energy is required to produce a small amount. A gram of anti-matter requires more than the entire earth’s GDP just to create! Anti-matter is rich in our twin anti-matter universe, but is sparse in this universe:

In the future, wedding rings in the Evolve timeline may thus contain a small micron’s worth of anti-matter, suspended in an anti-gravitronic device that prevents it from interacting with nearby matter.


I think there’s already a thread for this.

Bahahahaha, I jest, I jest, but seriously I’d be all for diamond toilet paper.


@Shin Anti-Matter engagement ring, get on it.

Also, diamond powdered toilet paper sounds dangerous and painful.



Toilet paper covered in Diamonds? So fancy!


Wow, you’re really putting in work, Galactoid. Do you actually play Evolve, or is the only reason you’re here just to feed us more BSGS? (Bull Shit Galactoid Science)

thats a jk btw I love your threads <3


I haven’t reinstalled Evolve to play, ever since my last hard disk broke down.


Dang, I’m sorry to hear that.


Or, or, they might decide that they still think diamonds and gems look nice and don’t want to look at proton things


Diamond pricing is entirely artificially elevated… There are massive stockpiles of diamonds all controlled by a Company called De Beers, there are plenty of articles online.

Diamonds are just shiny rocks like quartz.


To the idea of the thread, I don’t consider diamonds valuable. We can make them, and have. We have tonnes of them, it’s more of a matter that the people that own the diamonds, keep them off the market so that the price doesn’t plummet on them. Basically they’re good for drilling and such, but they only have value past that, where we believe there’s value.

If I were to buy a wedding ring, I’d probably get one with a gem that has actual value. That’s not a diamond.
You lose 40-75% of the value when you buy them. ~shrugs~
What I mean by that, is it’s a terrible investment, and good luck getting your money back on them.


More uses than quarts.
Well, on the industry scale. They’re much more common in use, and in demand than quartz are. They have some value, just not as much as we believe there is. Their value also drops when bought in bulk, so mining/drilling companies can buy/use them I believe.


Giving your bride an anti-matter ring would blow everything out of the water… literally.

I don’t think anti-matter anything (like engines) are ever going to be feasible.
I don’t like to mess with Murphy’s law.


Even if we did mine the diamond planet though, they’d just refuse to release them to the public like they already do. o.O


Sounds rather painful on your bum. Ah well.

Damnit, there’s too much fun off-topic threads on these forums. I can’t stay away for longer than 3 minutes before I mindlessly open the the same 3 tabs as always; Outlook | YouTube | Evolve Forums.
I’ve been wanting to play Skyrim for the last 3 hours now.

But I guess reading about diamond planets resulting in pain equal to that of rubbing your arse with sandpaper is better than playing Skyrim anyway.


The thing is diamonds are very common but just not the kind that looks nice


Sorry for the necro. Was posting something and it for some reason recommended this thread to me so I figured I’d share something here.

Diamonds are already completely worthless. We have a large supply of them here on Earth but the problem is that one company has such a huge monopoly of them and thus driving the price of them up. There is a reason that gold/silver was (and is) used for currency and Diamonds never were. I guess you could trade them because they are nice!


Eh, heh. Since there’s not really that much more to discuss, and OP has not been around for a while (Damn, I miss you Galactoid…)- I’ll be closing this thread now.