(G) How Evolve Hunters Should Really Look Like

After some thought, it appeared to me that the hunters portrayed in the Evolve timeline all seem to be anatomically false.

I did a thread a year ago, on the true posture of hunters:

However, this one is a more scientific update to how the hunters should really look like, since the Evolve timeline is around 2 million years into the future.


Above: According to HG Wells’ “The Time Machine”, he portrays future humans to be divided into 2 main classes: The graceful Eloi and the nefarious Murlock. The former descended from what Marxists call the bourgeoisie, such as Donald Trump, the wealthy elite. The Murlock descended from the hardworking proletariat. Wells believed that in the future, the bourgeoisie will continue to inbreed, and become ever more dependent on the proletariat or worker class, and diminish in terms of physique. The Eloi however, will become more muscular, until they start to predate on the bourgeoisie class. This is entirely possible through the laws of artificial selection.


Above: Human beings will evolve depending on their future environments. Since another ice age will be coming soon, in 10000 years, humans will be forced to adapt, developing atavistic features like those of the neanderthals, with increased body hair and a more powerful physique - the latter is done so due to the principles of gigantothermy, which is a form of warmbloodedness caused by increased body size and mass. Of course, on high gravity worlds, humans would be shorter, and in water worlds, humans will have webbed feet.


Above: Artificial selection currently selects certain traits, such as larger eyes, and enhanced intellectual capacity brought about by a larger brain. Humans of the future may increase their brain capacity from 1400 CC to around 1800 CC. Additionally, both genders prefer each other to have less body hair, so ultimately, we will have less body hair.


Above: Another possibility suggests that since the time of Cro-Magnon, human brains have shrunk by around 20%, slightly more than the reduction in body mass. Encephalisation quotient, the ratio of brain mass to body size, may ironically decrease. Additionally, with humans depending more on processed food, the size of the digestive tracts may therefore becoming even smaller. With increased dependence on technology, such as calculators, humans will become less cerebral, until they may no longer become an intelligent being. 1 million years into the future, with a brain capacity the size of homo erectus, civilisation would have regressed back into the stone age.


Above: Some conspiracy theorists speculate that grey aliens are in fact future humans, who have genetically manipulated themselves to have increased brain capacity, with a more efficient body that requires less energy, and also with fewer aggression issues. The end result is the anatomical grey alien, who are masters of technology with IQs of 300+.


Above: Other conspiracy theorists suggest that humans are being hybridised with grey aliens in order to save either species from devastation, by creating a hybrid with the best traits of both worlds. The greys lost their emotional centers, individuality and reproduction ability, but they possess immense telepathic and intellectual potential. By combining both races, the hybrid race, known as the Essassini, and many other hybrid civilisations, will be created as the future hosts for human and alien souls to seek incarnation in.


Above: Of course, the final possibility is that humans become one with machines, becoming cyborgs or discarding their bodies completely to become completely robotic in nature.

Altogether, none of the future possibilities cohere with the notion that hunters should look like this:




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